Error connecting to

Heya Mike,

Lets try a password reset. This should force the account to refresh and pull new account data on the next login attempt.

Let us know if this works for you.

I had tried that already,

Here is a link to login before and after
Lol this thing won’t let me add links so here is the ID for imgur if anyone is interested in looking at them but it’s simple. When I attempt to log in it says “an error has occurred please try again” and gives me the option to log out lol

Hey, MikeMixter! I see the problem here and it does appear that the correct account is being logged into. I see both the old tag and the new tag on the account.

I was able to replicate the same error in the screenshot when logging into an account without the D3 license, while one with it logs in just fine. It seems that the website database does not detect the new BattleTag yet, causing all of these issues. When changing BattleTags, it can take quite a bit of time before the changes are fully pushed, more so then the normal profile updates.

It’s not ideal, but we’re pretty limited on what support can do here. This isn’t much of a technical issue that technical support agents can address. Rather, this is a website bug and waiting may be the best option here to see if after maintenance and resets are performed since the 2/21 update on the armory profiles may fix up this issue and get the website up to date with the correct information. It’s best to #bug-report forums so our team can look into this and relay this forward to our Diablo 3 Armory team.

one thing I saw yesterday when I try’d to login and play it said connection lost to server client. it was really odd when it said that. I have been playing for years and I never had a problem till now and yesterday. :slightly_frowning_face:

I change my BATTLE TAG and i cannot look at my profile in after change my BATTLE-TAG but in wow i can. I need it fixs please.