Error 1016 please help

keep on getting this error at random can any help?

Pinned at the top of the forum…

Follow the advice in that thread, and post your WinMTR trace here.

I was getting DC, game crashes and everything else on my Laptop. Now I cut that to almost nothing. I went from WIFI to a hard wire to the Laptop.

I run a lot of times 2 accounts at the same time. One on a computer hard wire. One on a laptop with WiFi. The computer doesn’t have a problem & the laptop did.

I was in many games where people complain about Lag. Plus 99% of the time it is only 1 out 4 people playing. If it was the server it would be everybody. But it is only the one person.

The thing is every time people have problems like this blame the server. When 99% of the time it has really nothing to do with the server. It has to do with your connection.

The other day I was playing in HC and get really bad lag. I rarely get any lag. I started to check some stuff. I found that my download speed was at 2.4mb a sec. I reset the Comcast modem and it fix the problem. I went back to my normal download speed of 200mb a sec.