Equipping 2 x primal Hand Crossbows - NOT!

Unable to equip 2 x Primal Ancient Hand Crossbows in GoD build: Dawn and Fortress Ballista. Fault says cannot equip 2 of these items, but they are not the same item. in the wardrobe, the build shows them both equipped.

You can only equip one cube crafted primal. I would assume that’s your issue.


I’m looking forward to the Sanctified items again. It had the same problem that only one at a time can be equipped and there will be 23 posts raging about a bug like “Can’t equip my Serpent Sparker and Winter Flurry! MAJOR BUG!!!”

There’s also the wardrobe issue of switching between builds with different sanctified (or Recipe #11 primal) where the armory sometimes doesn’t properly swap the gear.

This is NOT a bug!

You can equip as many Primal items as you want!

You can equip only ONE CRAFTED Primal item at a time.

Season 28 – Primordial Ashes Feature

We have also added a Primal Item recipe to Kanai’s Cube, allowing you to upgrade any non-crafted legendary item to a Primal Item for 100 Primordial Ashes. Only one upgraded Primal Item may be worn at a time and upgraded Primal Items do not retain the properties of the Legendary Item that was used. New affixes are rolled for all upgraded Primal Items.

We’ve tried to get Blizzard to add a warning to the Recipe. Something like this:

But, so far we’ve been ignored.