Enervation affecting me with Invigorating Gemstone equipped

I’m not sure if this is actually a bug, or more a gameplay issue, but I think it needs fixing. When I was running a fissure, I had a L25 Invigorating Gemstone socketed into my amulet. I was still affected by the Enervation aura of some monsters. I think the IG should negate this aura. I’m sacrificing extra damage or protection of other gemstones for freedom of movement, I should retain it. Besides, doesn’t making IG worthless against Enervation undermine your stated goal of emphasizing equipment and gem strategies over high Para levels?

Have you been able to replicate this? I did a few portals but could only get necrosis mobs. Although with IG I did get slowed by some normal ghosts(funny a white mob’s ability getting through IG), so there may be something to it.