Elite Engaged, but not Killed

In the Weeping Hollow, I engaged three elite Grotesques. The chat said so as well. I then killed said Grotesques, but the chat didn’t display that I killed them. Is it because one of them exploded, killing the other two, or is this a bug?

Dunno, but if it is a bug it seems rather benign, it’s not like you check the chat for confirmation your target died, the loot/progress orbs does that.

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I see this all the time. And not just with Grotesques. It can happen with Elites and Goblins too.

  • Chat says I’ve engaged them.
  • Doesn’t show that I’ve killed them.

Just ignore it because you still get the XP and the loot.

Is that what happened or do you have good Area Damage?

It is possible that the explosion damage of the Grotesque is capable of killing lesser monsters on lower Difficulties. I’m not sure if it is enough to kill one of their own kind.

It may also have something to do with who gets the kill-shot.

  • Monsters killing monsters.
  • Pets/Companions killing monsters.
  • Followers killing monsters.

You’ve done all you can do at this point by reporting it.

I took this screenshot to help back up your case.

I’m playing a Demon Hunter Unhallowed Multishot build. I’ve been running Bounties, to build my currency back up, and doing Visions when they spawn. I’m running on Torment 16 Game Difficulty.

In a Visions of Enmity I hit a floor with 3 Guardians. You’ll notice, in the green box, I killed Kargra, Corrupter of Truths first. (Spawned the Portal to the next Level). Then, I killed the 3 Guardians. The Chat Window shows that I engaged and killed Kargra. It also shows that I killed the 3 Guardians. But, it does not show that I engaged them.

The very next Level was also a map with 3 Guardians. In the cyan box, it shows that I engaged and killed Dread the Doomed first. (Spawned the Portal to the next Level). It does not show that I engaged the 3 Guardians. It also only shows that I killed 2 of the Guardians when, in fact, I killed all 3.

I could confirm this by the 3 Guardian corpses on the ground and the 3 piles of loot they dropped.

I don’t expect Blizzard will ever find what causes the Chat issue. And it will probably never get fixed. But, I rarely look at the Chat Window, now that I play SSF exclusively these days. And I’m satisfied to know I’m still getting the XP and loot for the kills.