Echoing fury on Ethereal revisited


I’ve been using a echoing fury + blood vengeance Buriza for speeds. Works great.
Have seen a couple of questions on reddit if you can use it for pushing and the general answer was: Nah its bad because not “holy” 9 FPA.

Is that so? So first I tried to run the highest possible I could select (129). Did not play well, as I constantly watched the frenzy stacks.

But Frenzy stacks where at 5 or at zero (you are not in between) and 5 where up ~95% in the big fights. Maybe less if I get higher. If you have no stacks - no bummer, you are back at 9 FPA.

So Strafe with Echoing fury:

With right Quiver/weapon combo you can hit 5 FPA easily, which is very close to the optimum.
And you get a lot of additional hits (from 6,67 Strafe ticks to 12 and 6 from Rocketstorm).
This should probably work like the valla mechanic - because of the many hits and moving player/targets it’s possible to fill in the tiny 1 frame gap.

With Rocketstorm your speed is just back to normal (maybe a little bit less, not sure how the calc it)

Let’s now look at Hungering arrow:

So we get from 2,07-2,22 HA APS to 3,33 APS with hungering arrow.


  • Faster CC immunity build up


  • better heal
  • If you can maintain the stacks, Speedpylon would not hurt your DPS as you can hit 4 FPA (depends a little bit of Weapon/Quiver IAS rolls).


If we assume that 5FPA is on par with 9 FPA Strafe (because of the many additional hits and tiny gap), you can hit 3 manual HAs per second. So in total you should get more HA hits out per second and therefore “in theory” more damage. At least it should not be significantly weaker.
Not sure if rocket storm is needed … and you still might miss some frame from faster HAs, although there is some animation cancelling going on.

Hatred: I had no issues (my Buriza has Blood vengeance on it, but that’s IMO only relevant for speeds).

There are probably better rolls then echoing fury, but it does not seem that it turns a great Weapon into a unusable one, because you miss the holy 9 FPA breakpoint (at least if you manage to get to 5 FPA with Strafe).

No playtesting … just theory, though.

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