Earth to blizzard!?

Can you throw us a bone here, maybe some information as to wth is going on?


Hey Wolfetime,

There was an issue earlier in the day for Diablo 2. This has since been resolved and you should be able to login and create games. If it does continue though please let me know.

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Since this issue managed to wake you guys up maybe you should take the opportunity to fix the USWest login servers which are still malfunctioning.

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Please look into US west log-in issues. This has been ongoing for months.

The issue is that you constantly have to press log-in button and it sits there waiting and waiting and waiting until it either never connects, connects after 20+ seconds or gives an error. It’s not consistent and sometimes it will connect right away but it’s pretty rare. It will take a couple times of canceling and pushing the button to get connected to be able see the account log-in screen.

This is not an issue with IP addresses or realm/down bot prevention that is in place and many people have this issue.

Just be patient, jesus christ.

Ya, everyone pretty much plays on US east. Most of the people I have met on US East all are from California or the west coast haha. With D2R coming out soon I doubt they will fix it but who knows.

Hi guys,

It’s about Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction / Europe Server.

From last night, already more than 24 hours. I have the problem that my CD Key is already using by me. After contact to Blizzard they said that last night they had some issues and can’t do more. Now my message changes to “ is not responding. Please try to connect again in a few minutes”. I still can’t play Diablo 2. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

I installed it but it gives me an error when trying to download the patch, both for the regular, and for the original D2, so it has that empty Red orb that normally fills to 100%

It endlessly says Searching for the fastest server… What do I do?