Earth Ally still dumb as rocks

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here, basically playing the same as Fire before, but I have no idea what the Earth Allies are doing. When I’m no where near an enemy they stay pegged and when I summon them they initially attack what I’m attacking, but most of the time they just go all over, attacking capriciously. I thought this was fixed in the latest patch?

Has anyone considered using WKL + TR with Earth Ally? Since they don’t really explode the way Fire does, that might help spread the Cyclone Strikes around and get more damage overall.


Yes. And i don’t understand something : I wait for the fire cycle and i call the earth ally. When the following fire cycle come, the earth ally competence is available but when i click to activate it, the earth ally does not come. I have to wait for another round of fire to summon it.

Can someone explain to me why please ?

They are physical. Read the maxroll guide for the rotation. I must admit that it feels way different from the fire version.


With Earth Ally being dumb and Fire Ally no longer as potent, I wonder if the Water Ally is the way to go now. I personally liked the Water Ally most.

Earth Ally might have the most damage potential but dumb AI makes it annoying.


Too bad with the fire allies because they are really improved now with their ability to get to their targets and explode.

Wudijo just released a video about the “fixed” earth Allies - and he’s not impressed, even though it will still be the strongest build.

Playing the F&R variant, they seem worse now than they were on PTR. I think the AI enhancements screwed them up, either that or I have to relearn it or run it stationary.

I wrote an AI project at university, basically a competitive steal the flag game, and I’ve seen this weird boundary problem before in that game. It looks like a pretty bad bug, honestly, where sometimes the AI’s boundaries are correct and other times they’re inverted, making the boulders go flying off into the distance seeking the edge of the boundary.

I was very impressed by the boulder damage on the RG. I was able to kill a GR 133 RG in about 30 seconds. If only they could do that do elites . . .

The Fire Ally explodes and disappears when you activate Mystic Ally. This made Fire Ally very good for the COE cycle.

The Earth Ally persists. So if you activate Mystic Ally when there is no Earth Ally, then it appears and begins to roll on the monsters. If you activate Mystic Ally while they are already there in boulder form, nothing happens.

So you should wait for physical, activate Mystic (Earth) Ally, and then skip the next physical, because reactivating Earth Ally doesn’t do anything.

Hope that made sense. I’m still trying to figure out how to play it too.


I dont like this at all. The earth allies all seem to have a mind of their own. I was able to clear quicker using water ally. Not sure what happened between PTR and patch release, but its a dud now!


I came here to look for answers on the matter, not really glad to see I’m not the only one having problems…

I guess I’ll go full water ally this time around.


The AI of the earth ally is pretty simple kill everything, and that is the problem, on the one hand in too many maps they ignore any collision and disappear into nirvana, on the other hand they chase enemies who are out of sight and never returns, they work as long as they onehit everything, but when you push you are often left with only one option leave level/use city portal.
A simple solution would be to change the button to a toggle which can be used to force the allys to come out of the sphere form and return, except that the other active runes are triggered nothing happens anyway if you use the ability while the allys are sitting in their spheres.

The problem with Earth Ally right now stems from their Leash Range.

It is something that they altered for the Earth Ally for this patch, but I think maybe somebody added another few 0’s on to the end of something like “50% increased Leash Range” in the files and made it 500 or 5,000%, because the Earth Ally’s leash range is literally infinite it appears; They will attack ANYTHING, even going as far as to go incredibly far off-screen (we’re talking up to 6 screens away here) and start attacking things that I have no current business attacking yet.

This means that the Earth Ally is not even remotely close to me, is not benefitting me or my current damage whatsoever, and is off on an escapade doing gods knows what. The leash range really needs to be reigned in, or the bug that Blizzard introduced with the update needs to be rectified asap, because it effectively kills Earth Ally as a damage Pet despite the incredible dps it can deal.

Second biggest issue, is that even if an enemy is right in front of them, if there’s multiple enemies about, the Earth Ally more often than not will stand in an area between mobs and do effectively zero damage for a little while, running in circles and what-not. This isn’t an issue with single-target, like if the Greater Rift Guardian is the only enemy on the map, but when mapping it definitely is a problem. This also ties in to their leash range as well; They’ll start attacking one enemy, then jump ship and start attacking a different one, then go further and further away hitting other targets. The only time they actually “snap back” to the player, is when their time in boulder form actually times out.

Oh… And it’s HILARIOUS that Earth Ally does not, any longer, in fact, respect pathing. They fly through walls; They fly in the air; They go off cliffs and keep on trucking on the x-axis of the map. It’s… Jarring, but hilarious.


If they would just make the boundry resetable we wouldnt have a problem. Once they leave the render distance of the screen and they respawn on your character and move outward, like the water ally, it would be viable. Right now they just wait inline for the train ride to BFE.


Is there any indication as to when this issue will be resolved?
As of yet I can use my character to farm. When it works, it works quite well and the character is powerful.
But any rift over level 90 and my earth allies roll off the map. They do not come back until the ability is over. And they literally seem to be rolling in straight lines from left to right over the entire map.
Had I known this I would not have started the character.