Dual Daggers build

Anyone try using dual daggers? Im thinking…

20 frenzy
20 Berserk
20 double swing
20 taunt
15 battle orders
4 resists

Would this build work in hell? Only lvl 23 currently, working so far but thats not saying much lol. Thanks for input

I can do Ubers with my double dagger build.

I only put one on Nat Resist. I don’t put any on Stamina nor faster R/W. I max Shout and BO on this particular build. Level 20 Taunted monsters is significant, especially if you are pulling minions away from their Unique boss.

This is the only build I use Reapers Toll on merc, if you have Reapers, or intend on using it, don’t waste skill points on the middle combat tree. Add one to Leap. I go pure physical damage and 100% CB, 100% OW and 100% Deadly Strike.

I dump all extra skill points on Iron Skin.

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Awesome, will keep this in mind, thanks for info :slight_smile:

well, you lack a mastery, so you will be somewhat low in terms of AR

20 berserk, for what? if i remember correctly it does not add any damage to your frenzy, but simply means that a % of your physical damage is changed to magic damage

which is useless/counterproductive as it decreases your leech etc.

1 point and rest in things like shout, bo,bc etc.

as for dual daggers, why not, dual fleshripper and you can get stuff done, though your chance to hit will be lower compared to dedicated weapons

and sorry but who would not run reaper’s on dedicated physical melees by default? I mean yer just throwing away the equivalent of several hundred % off weapon ed for 0 …

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I just play single player and never used a barbarian before. Good to know about berserk. Never heard of reapers, sooo ok sounds good bud.

How about…

20 frenzy
20 double swing
20 Shout
20 Battle orders
1 berserk
1 resists
1 battle cry
1 leap

Now i was thinking bash for the rest of the points but maybe Iron skin is the way to go?

do you still have berserk synergies that are not used?

Iron skin is a 1 point skill, not more to be honest, especially when you already work with the usus of maxed shout

you can use the damage/stun warcry for more crowdcontrol whilst fighting

if you have never played a barbarian before and do not have a decent inventory of weapons etc, maybe try to run a weapon class that can be boosted with masteries et cetera, that tends to make your life easier

My main goal here was to find a way to use 2 daggers as my weapons. Barbarian is the only class i can attempt this with sadly. Now its just a matter of finding the right setup. I only have 1 point in the synergies to berserk, should be good there.

20 frenzy
20 double swing
20 Shout
20 Battle orders
1 berserk
1 iron skin
1 resists
1 battle cry
1 leap
1 bash
1 Stun
1 Concentrate
1 double throw
1 howl
1 taunt
1 battle cry

That leaves me with 18 unused points if going to 99.

the setup is the least of your worries because 99+% of all physical damage build are built the same way

laying of hands
lionheart/duress/treachery (depending on ias needed)/fortitude
raven + dualleecher

inv: torch/anni if you have them, resistances if you need them, otherwise maxdam ar

weapon of choice, for you that would be dual fleshrippers
and a big 2hand weapon on switch for berserk

Don’t be fooled by gear requirements. The most important things are the skills and how to use them. As an example how important using the skills is, you can go from Normal Blood Moor to Hell Baal using just blue magic gear on your character and merc. Where as if you don’t know how to use the skills and buy elite gear, you likely could never do a hell run through with the elite gear without help from a more skilled player. I’m working on 99ing a Frenzy barbarian just using blue magic items. As a single player who doesn’t use hacks to get your gear, you can easily and quickly become a very skilled player with every class.

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and every bit of cold damage castrates you unless you socket chams

Cold damage is easy to navigate, so as not to slow a Frenzy barbarian down much. Yet another reason why I preach mastering each skill.

Do you use double swing on left click and frenzy on the right? Lvl 38 now, been fun, like this build so far.

On my dagger barbarian I have Double Swing and Frenzy on mouse wheel up and down. It’s a smoother, easier and faster transition between these two main attacks.

Ok do you start a frenzy then go into double swing or constantly using frenzy? Or do you find situations where you switch?

I always go at everything with Frenzy first, it gets the speed going. When surround I often switch to Double Swing (DS). If I am surrounded and I can’t kill fast enough in relation to the damage I’m receiving I’ll either War Cry as a defensive, Howl to loosen up the group or Leap out and start running circles around the crowd with Frenzy. I also use DS when being affected by mana burn.

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Ok cool, that’s basically been my game plan. I like war cry on the bosses for sure, finding my merc stays alive alot more with this barbarian, been nice haha. Thanks for the leap suggestion, pretty useful. :+1:

cold damage only means lower attack speed and movement speed, either of which is a damage loss and killspeed loss,

good that we talked about game mechanics and basics :wink:

Yeah, especially when there are skills, techniques and affixes other than CBF that help prevent getting hit with cold damage. Why don’t you share your knowledge on those? :wink:

because you will be able to evade every single projectile and attack with “skills”
the only affix you got, is half freeze duration
or should we talk about treachery?

and then we have not even talked about effectivity, aka why making a big fuss about something and coming up with “skill”, when a simple affix on one itemslot hardcounters it?

by the way, I am still waiting for an in depth rational critique of the frenzy guide that you have thus far failed to deliver and tried to get out of with “it is outdated”
when the last item change to diablo2 was done in 2003, and the last gameplay relevant change was done in 2010

but good that we talked about it

And this is another reason why you and your information is out of date. You’re a noob, HFD doesn’t help prevent getting hit with cold damage, which is exactly what I said.