Drop rate of red-light is 0?

About the drop rate of far-ancient items, I never seen a red light since at least 3000+ orange and green light. That never happened before but just occurred in season 28… Please check it

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I have also not seen a primal in well over 500 rifts.

The drop rate for Primal gear is supposed to be .25, so theoretically one should drop in every 400 items looted. Since I completed my solo GR 70, I have easily looted between 3k-4k items, and only 2 Primal pieces have dropped. This is hot garbage. Please fix this. I can’t even complete the Altar of Rites because I can’t get a Primal to drop.

400 on average with a very large sample size. 4k items are just 10 times. Ah and not in items in legendaries :wink:

It is RNG. Sometimes you do not get a primal in 2000 legendaries and sometimes you get 2 primals in 200 legendaries or from a single riftguardian.

Upgrade rares to get more legendaries.

I got my first primal in months yesterday…