Drop issue with primals (not only me)


why do i’m getting repeated primals? i got the same primal item several hours after getting one primal item, (plot twist, not only me) this is strange because i asked in the general chat and many people told me: “welcome to the duplicated primal club” so im not the only one and i think this is not normal, i think there is something wrong with the rng
the proof, get rid the space:

h ttps://imgur.com/0XfMG7u


Last season I got the same bracers 5 times as well as many other duplicate or triplicate of items. This season hard for me to find a good ancient never mind a primal anything. Had to send pc in for repairs over a month ago so maybe better luck next season for me.


A player with more than 3k non season paragon points shouldn’t be surprised about things like that.


lol its because i’ve never got as many duplicated primals like in this season, thats surprised me


to be honest it produces x15 f.s. so some may enchant a bonus to it


Well you didn’t say that you’ve experienced it several times this season… but since it’s all computer based it can make the same mistake several times in a row and I’m sure not even the developers have a full understanding and overview of what’s going on all the time in the game.
(Edited, forgot the “not”).


Got 2 primals cakram quivers within 1 hours (drop and kadala)… Thanks RNG…


Wait till you get into the triplicated primal club. I got three FB primal sources. Odds of them ever being used for something? Nil.


I got primal shield and primal follower token from 1 gr both usuless :smiley: happens. But i got 11 usefull primals this season so its not bad. Most unused atm like tal rasha sets but i will keep them for later


Welcome to the club. :rofl:


with so much useless primals, hopely a QOL change could turn them into some useful materials.


I had a total of three primal drops in two consecutive T16 rifts last weekend. Freaky.

All junk…