Don;t release on console if you don;t fix it first

untill you fix the ability to mod on seasonal there is no point in launching it there… look at S24 on PSn switch and xbox… i tried to report it to PSN but i got the run around i even sent actual photos from the PS4/ psn to blizzard hacks email and nothing changed,

you need to work with all platforms cause what people do is use a USB stick to take the save file from console and upload it into a gear mod program ( think its called save wizzard or one like it) that lets you go lvl 1-999 in 1 save file mod or you can have items that give stats you would’nt normaly get via in game…

S 25 isnt worth it untill you fix this loophole

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That really sucks people cheat on this game. Modding has its place in games like fallout or skyrim, but on D3 it is laughable that people wasted their time for essentially nothing since it doesnt bring any value to the game.

Disappointing to see this being peoples experience who want to compete in seasons. Platform providers and producer need to work together to secure the platforms.

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Nothing can be done by Blizzard without sanity checking every piece of gear upon load of the save and that requires significant developer time that the D3 team do not have for console.

Both Switch and PS4 version of the game can have modded gear in seasons due to modded firmware/jailbroken devices and thus the modding is exploiting the consoles not the game.

Modded gear in Seasons in here to stay in Switch and PS4 (PS5 just runs the PS4 version so modded too).

XB1 is the only platform free of modded gear in Seasons.

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That’s the reason why the only leaderboard that I care on consoles ( I play in a PS5) is the Challenge Rift one.
Everyone compete at the same conditions and the skill is what makes the difference.
In the CR there is no “magic ring or weapons” with 3 slots and other cheat stuff that allows people to complete 150 Greater Rifts in 2min solo.

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Xbox doesn’t have the modded gear on seasons so it makes it a little more worthwhile. Outside of the fiasco where people were able to bring in off season gear due to early release error.

I like the challenge rift for the same reason and it puts everyone on an even playing field and skill mainly becomes the main factor outside of a little RNG (like crits on elites).

This is why I’m jumping from my PS4 Pro to the Xbox Series X when I can actually find one. Neither Sony or Blizzard has shown any interest in fixing this nor do I expect they ever will.

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There’s quite a few things they could do if they set their minds to it. Time involved may vary depending on the approaches. We’ll have to see if they take it seriously or not. I understand where you’re coming from.

Hopefully for all who are enjoying seasons there, it stays that way.

Like what? If the console is hackable in terms of being able to decrypt and encrypt save files then all Blizzard can do is sanity check every single item in your stash/toon which requires siginificant dev time and increases load times.

They could move seasons to online saves like D2R but again for a 7 year old game to get that major development time and infrastructure to do so whilst posible is simply not going to happen.

So whilst there may be several things they can do what is feasible with limited dev time and the age of the game means the reality is nothing will happen.

It’s a fair question, but I intentionally stopped short of enumerating anecdotal approaches or otherwise . Broadly speaking, since they control the code it gives them the freedom and creativity to do literally whatever they want, drawing on patterns used elsewhere or creating their own approaches. It can be a bit of a cat and mouse game.

I hear what you’re saying that they may not have the will. We can only hope they will want to do something… and time will tell.

we’ve asked for years for them to do several things on console, especially when seasons came to console… nothing… asked them multiple times, even through a thread that was locked for reaching max comments about NG, nothing…

Hear that. I dont feel inclined to give them a pass on leaving their platform in such a significantly broken state. I can understand people not wanting to pin hope to it though.

Also mindful they tried to put the point that they had a basis for NG… there’s no basis for them to argue the security of the platform being broken should be neglected. It will be interesting to see how the player base responds to what’s been happening.

they really don’t care about us though. If they did, we’d see a lot more representation from community devs here. even the former community dev from the old forums, promised she’d be more responsive here, and yet she never was… we’ve had maybe 5 blizzard posts here since the forums opened up.

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That all seems pretty accurate… but does the absence of care go so far as to leave the PS seasonal ladder in an indisputably, completely broken state … to me that would be a whole new low and really is the sort of thing that will reach beyond this player community and affect their credibility as general platform / console content producers.

It’s one thing for them to stonewall in the face of vocal grumblings about the community not being served on feature feedback… I dont think they’ll live this one down. People jumping ship from the platform is a significant move for most people to make… and we see it happening.

If people still want to take up the issues to them, I’m more inclined to support them than discourage them. The alternative seems to be we accept the community’s will has been broken to the point of not even vocalising their expectation for action anymore.