Does this means, what i think it means?

Noone is making you pick them up or even use them

I think their problem is, that they can’t wait 5 days to farm NS for screams.

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PTR has been run with already started season 27 and at patch 2.7.4. Therefore, we cannot be sure that screams and whispers will be mailed to NS in our case.
So this is the actual question — What will happen to existing screams and whispers after season 26 done? Will they be deleted or will they go to NS? And if they will be mailed to NS, will it be possible to open Echoing Nightmare by them until the patch / new season?


Yep, this is all I need to know.

If we cannot open ENs until S27 starts, that is fine.

I just don’t want to lose my stock of whispers and screams… the whispers in particular… got a lot of things I plan on augmenting with them at conclusion of S26.

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Yeah, good questions. It would be great to get some clarification on this.

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Few things to address with the q’s from previous posts

  • Petrified Screams acquired from the seasonal play will be mailed to non-season characters at the end of S26.

  • Players at this point will be able to open them in non-season play to experience and play as normal.

The main thing we wanted to share was the time between season end and the new season start, players will not be able to get any drops for Petrified Screams.

I hope this clears things up!!


Thanks for the clarification.


I would edit/delete your post ASAP for obvious reasons.

Zzz it’s obviously jkn…

Yes- thanks for letting us know, FR.

Actually, aw crap, one more thing:

Are both Petrified Screams and Whispers of Atonement getting mailed out? I’m assuming the answer is yes…


Whispers of Atonement will be transferred as well!



Now I think everything is clear!


Crystal clear! Excellent news… now we wait for someone to ask the question again after not reading this thread. :rofl:


Hopefully RNGeezus will be less tight-fisted with the PS drop rate in NS.

I think since you have fully decked characters in NS(i assume), you will have an easyer time finding them, speeding in GRs.

I’m actually looking forward to this.

I have so many spare rift keys and sub rank 100 gems from past seasons in NS that I need to rank up for augmenting. I specifically held off doing anything else in NS towards the end of this season so I can farm up Screams whilst ranking up those gems.

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Sounds efficient and fun.

Thank you for clarifying!

Ding! Its just so arbitrary to make us wait five days to start being able to see them in NS play. Avid NS player here, I don’t like starting from zero every few months.

At least both the petrified screams and whisper of atonement rollover. I saved a bunch of each and plan to compare my non-season/seasonal rollover gear and will augment the items that make sense.