Does Tasker and Theo + Enforcer work with BowmenCondemn?

Is it true that Bowmen are not pets and Enforcer does not improve their attack damage nor Tasker & Theo speed up their attacks?

Bowmen phalanx are considered to be pets and benefit from both enforcer and tasker. See here for the build guide:

Tasker may not be included in some akkhan builds to make room for a defensive armor cube slot such as stone gauntlets. Akkhan is a pretty squishy set.


The way I see it, Condemn is Akkhan Condemn’s main damage dealer.
I don’t see any reason to equip Enforcer.
I do however see reason for equipping Tasker & Theo for more condemn procs.

Am I correct?
Am I not seeing something?

Akkhan condemn’s main damage dealer is condemn from your phalanx (not your own), which apply it to enemies when you judge them. Therefore, you must keep judgement up on ALL enemies all the time.

The end result is tens to hundreds of explosions per second, which can lead to lots of lag. Each phalanx condemn explosion is then duplicated using the blade of prophecy legendary sword effect.

In comparison your own condemn is trivial damage. That is why you wear the enforcer gem.

As for tasker’s, I assume it helps the phalanx cast condemn faster on judged enemies.

The old Akkhan condemn build had all the damage coming to you. This clunky rework shifted 99%+ of that damage to phalanx that condemn enemies that you judge, so the new Akkhan build is essentially a pet build now with all the lovely issues of pet builds, like horrible AI.

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Are you saying that Enforcer also buffs Phalanx proced Condemn?

Phalanx are counted as pets and enforcer buffs their damage yes. Technically, phalanx do auto-attack or other damage as part of their skill and rune, but this damage is trivial compared to the condemn damage they deliver to judged targets. This is why the new Akkhan condemn has you walking around spending most of your time judging enemies while keeping up your cooldown offensive/defensive buffs. You don’t really use condemn yourself in pushing, but only in trivial farming like T16 rifts.

You might see some Akkhan builds have condemn on the action bar, but this is specifically to have the phalanx use a certain condemn rune. Phalanx will use the unruned version of condemn otherwise. These details are covered under the guide I linked in the various pulldown menus like “skills”.

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Yes, the Bowmen rune is buffed by both Enforcer and Taskers.

Enforcer and Tasker & Theo buffs Bowmen. Got it. No argument against it.

But I still did not get the answer to the question:
Does Enforcer buff Bowmen’s Condemn?

The way I see this set as suggested by Blade of Prophecy (x3x9) and Fryder’s Wrath (x9), Akkhan Set gets most of its DPS from Condemn (either self cast, or Bowmen triggered). And since Bowmen cast Condemn everytime they attacked a Judged target, it is imperative to give Bowmen faster attack (thus the question on Tasker & Theo). Yet the Maxroll guide (linked by Jalantha) did not have Tasker & Theo equipped. OK maybe the guide wanted toughness.

Yes. It does buff the Condemn damage.

The guide I linked has different GR builds depending on your goal. In this case there are both speed builds and pushing builds. In pushing builds you generally need to sacrifice some toughness to maximize damage whenever possible, or vice versa. Therefore, you see the GR pushing build on that guide put stone gauntlets in the armor cube slot instead of tasker and theo’s.

Overall, the Akkhan set has no room on the glove slot to actually equip tasker and theo, or another legendary glove. The glove, helm, chest, shoulder, and leg or boots (depending on your captain crimson pieces) are locked up for 5 Akkhan set pieces. The other two armor slots are for captain crimson set pieces. The Akkhan build has very little armor slot flexibility. The only other armor slot config you will see sacrifices the shoulder + bracer slots for the Aughild bonus, which then requires the Akkhan necklace as a fifth set piece.

The S28 altar provides big toughness buffs against trash, elites, and guardians. You can also get a 10 minute (with follower gloves of worship) defensive shrine as a proc from using your potion for a further toughness buff. This generally means that more builds are sacrificing some toughness items, passives, and skills this season for additional damage on their build. In this case, that means you will likely run tasker in the Akkhan armor cube slot.

Does this build benefit more from attack speed increases or crit? Like on a ring, which would be better to roll? Dropping a 7th of a judgement more every second, or an extra 50% crit damage?

For most builds double crit is superior on jewelry relative to any other roll. The exception is of course crusader thorns builds that don’t benefit from crit. In some cases additional CDR may have a disproportionate value to reach some certain breakpoint for a build, like epiphany uptime for LOD WOL monk. Even in this case the S28 altar provides the 10 minute (with follower gloves of worship) empowered shrine buff from a potion proc.

The linked maxroll guide for Akkhan shows double crit rolls on all three jewelry slots. The “global stat priorities” section talks about the stats. Attack speed is important, but crit is more important.

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