Does make the SunWuko 4 set bonus sense and competition to the new PoJ set

I have test a bit the monk and came to some results for myself.

I asked me what is the sense of the 4 set bonus from SunW, while it does no dmg in that set? :thinking:

Besides, I dont like the fact that the new PoJ set lacks behind SonWuko set with TP so much!

I think the devs could optimize both sets a bit…maybe like this:

My suggestion for SoJ would be:
2 set
SW get the effect of every rune and each stack of SW increase your movement speed by 5 %.
4 set
Each active Cyclone tornado increase the size of SW by 5 % and the damage from Cylone by 50 %. (Stacks 20 times)
6 set
While SW and TP is active your damage reduction and spirit generation is increase by 50 % and all your damage dealt is increase by 15.000 %.

Eye of the Storm:
TR get the effect of the rune ‘Electric field’ and each hitting enemy increase the damage from SW and Cyclone strike by 30-40 % for 3 seconds. (Stacks 10 times)

New 4 set:
Using Epiphany fill up your resource and each 45 spirit you spent reduce the cooldown of Epiphany by 2 seconds.
(Everyone I see playing SunWuko is using Epiphany, so give them a usfull 4 set bonus for it)

What do you think?

I like your idea

But the 4 set bonus, i think is kinda overkill. Reason: if you get flurry for free, then you can go lighting field TR and it procs tornados like crazy, so at anny time you will at least have 15-20 tornados… x 50% x90% x100 stacks. I mean the way flurry is now without the tornados buff to the explotion is bonkers.

Maby remove the buff to flurry exploteion and give tornados 30% more damage per stack of flurry, and the build would still own any other set, if you have eye of the storms in the build

Thank you for your note with the TP rune electric field…I had not conidered that!
But that fact would change my suggestion for PoJ…I edit my first post accordingly :v: