Does Locust Swarm damage increase with plus crit hit chance?

Does Locust Swarm damage increase from increased crit hit chance?
I know Locust Swarm can’t crit hit but I have seen some say that it do increase in damage from your crit hit chance though. This would mean plus crit hit chance would still be good for a locust swarm build and I could safely ignore plus crit damage.

Here is my current Locust Swarm setup: Lavick81#1266 - Community - Diablo III
Note that I am going for a more speed and no attack build other than Locust Swarm. If yall see any areas for improvement let me know.

LS damage increase from (mainly) Int, Critical hit chance, Critical hit damage and elemental damage.

Attack speed is irrelevant.

If you’re profile is up to date, I would change Rechel for Stone of Jordan and (In the cube) Flavor of time for Ring of Emptiness.

I can’t see which mojo you use, so it’s difficult to comment on this item

Thanks but I am not looking to use pets for anything really. This build is meant to have LS kill everything while I just run.

I am not sure how LS gains damage from Crit Hit Damage since it cannot crit.

I don’t understand why you talk about pets.

Ring of emptiness increase your own damage, not only your pets damage.
That’s why Jade Harvester, a non pet build, use it.

the damage increases proportionally to Critical Hit Chance / Damage ratio.

taken from Locust Swarm - Diablo Wiki

I’ll have to test it but I would think that it would only buff (maybe) a second application of Locust Swarm and not the first.

You can replace Ring of emptiness by Convention of elements if you prefer

no that would be 1/6 as good.

you set up a swarm of locusts and in the settings turn on critical chance and critical damage and observe that the swarm does neither one nor the other
Dots is only affected by attack speed
in season 29 there are only 800 paragons. By setting the value of attack speed and crits to maximum, you can see that it is speed that adds the most damage)

this is completely wrong. speed does nothing to dot damage, just application which is why jade builds add speed so that they can spam out haunt fast. literally adds no dps to any dot ticks.

while on the contrary, crit absolutely increases dot tick damage. crit and crit damage are calculated into each separate dot tick.

im not posting this for you specifically as you’ve been told once that you were wrong, im posting this for other witchdoctors who might stumble across your misinformation. where’s biden’s misinfo avenger squad when we need them most???