Does Immortal get ANZ servers for Americas or what?

What the title says.

What’s the recommended server for ANZ players to start playing on?

Two servers for Oceania (Australia based)

  • Baal
  • Bloodsworn

They have said they will merge servers if required. It would be interesting to know which serves NZ/AU players are going to start with?

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I will probably go Baal if there is no obvious choice. Mainly because it a better name and listed first - likely to have more initial players as a result.

Hmm. As long as no one mistakes it for Baaaaaal Runz lol.

But maybe the smarter thing would be to go for the second one, since it will have less players = better ping.

We’ll see. Since we only get 2, it will be easy to hop onto each one for an hour and test the waters. That way very little progress is lost if we decide to try the other one instead.

Probably depends on your intended play style. If you are going for the MMO and PvP experience, higher population is better.

If all you care about is solo play then lower pop might be more enjoyable.

I doubt an hour will give you much of an indication honestly.

From the hell to the naw. Keep everyone the hell away from me.

And an hour is plenty of time to see how good or bad the server performance is ping-wise. Especially after the horror of playing D3 on Asia server.

Both are Australian based servers. Singapore is getting their own dedicated server for Immortal supposedly - should mainly be NZ/AU players.

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I like the sound of Bloodsworn… Hope both servers get a good pop, I like seeing other players in the game.