Does having cc on items screw up Tempest rush/blind setup pushing GRs?

I have chill on shoulders and blind/fear on weapons. For the bracers to work, you blind then nuke them with tempest rush, but with crowd control on items proc’ing does that not put the blind into dimishing return to the point of the monster being immune and ruining the 100stck/cold cycle blow up? Or does it not matter cause sweeping winds already puts them into dimishing return?

I wouldn’t worry about the small percentages of cc you can get on secondary rolls. I have noticed this problem with other forms of cc. I just try to give the leet a second or 2 of no cc before the nuke.

Caesar Memento proc is not affected by CC immunities. Caesar proc on juggarnaults.

Pay attention to wordings, there are 2 kinds of wordings for CC related buff items;


You deal xxx% damage after xxx CC.

This type of wording is where CC immunities affect the proc, such as krisbin sentece/bracer of fury/monk passive -Relentless Assault


Enemies Take xxx% damage after xxx CC

This type of description is where CC immunities DO NOT affect proc and work on juggarnaults, such as Caesar Memento.

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