Does CC even matter in S24?

Since every hit is critital, does CC even matter? Does it even contribute to base damage? Or can we roll it off in favor of Dex or Avg damage>?


I don’t think “every hit is critical”. It’s a 35% chance (and for how long?) and then there is the issue of monster immunity. I saw a vidoe from Wudi where he talked about it. He said that you maybe could drop crit chance one or two places and not suffer a damage drop. I’d also look at the leaderboards, both top and bottom.

Leaderboards don’t often reflect best gear, especially when you are not at their p level… It often represents amount of time + some skills, with notable exceptions, obviously…

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Idolis is experimenting in the other thread with Frostburns and low CHC.

I think dieoxide did a “high” GR on the PTR (135 or so) with “zero” CHC. Check his yt channel.
But he is not recommending it.

So it is not as important anymore, but you can’t keep all enemies frozen all the time, so CHC still does something. Question is what alternative rolls would be better. Rings just have 6 CHC, AD might be better there. Maybe CDR if it opens up a slot on the quiver, or you can use +10% elemental damage from enchantress with ring CDR. If you got a ballista via ETH buriza/cube and bunch of paragon +15% life or vitality might be a good alternative.

Depends on the gear you have. In speeds CHC isn’t that important, as enemies die before they can build up CC immunity. If you push they will do.

Just to add a small tidbit of information. The initial hit that freezes a target with the ethereal Buriza is not guaranteed to critically hit. Only subsequent hits while the target is already frozen will have 100% critical hit chance (this behavior is similar to Thrill of the Hunt, the effect is applied after the damage).


Unless you don’t care about NS at all or you already have better items in NS, I don’t think potentially ruining your items that they become uselss after season is a good idea.

thing is… i have all the items i need in NS. but i found 2 primal focus’s with avg dam, dex/vit, so i rolled 50cd on them… just wondering if it’s better than non-ancient with cc, cd, avg dam (dps close to same, i guess…)