Do you lose recipes when you die

Hi Hardcore community, I am quite new to HC playing season 24. At about 120 paragons I died teleporting from one bounty to the next. I suspect I had gem recipes in my inventory when it happened. I am now at 920 paragons and still have not had the gem recipes drop to allow me to level gems past Flawless Imperials which means I can’t augment gear. The Jeweler is fully levelled, I have run 10+ bounties across all 5 acts, tried goblin farming but the recipes just won’t drop. Could it be I lost them when I died and they are now gone for the season? That feels like a harsh outcome and ruins the season if it is the case. Sorry about the long post.

All items in your inventory are lost on HC death. Do a few complete bounty runs to get all recipes.


  • Ensure that the recipe book is not in your stash somewhere. Use the filter to look for “Design” (I haven’t tried it, but I think it should work);
  • Ensure that the Jeweller is set to “Show All”, not “Show Have Materials”;
  • As a workaround, use the “Darkness of Radament” recipe in the cube (page 6) to convert 9 Royal gems from one type to 9 Royal gems of another type. For example, convert 9 Royal topazes to 9 Royal rubies.

It may take a while before the recipe drops again (assuming it’s not in your stash). You could try switching to another HC hero and seeing if completing bounties will make it drop. (assuming it’s not in your stash :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much the set Jeweller to show all worked, that’s really embarrassing feel like a complete twit! Thanks for your help.

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Don’t worry about it.
You’re far from the first to do this, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.