Disconnection from clan server

clan features work then dont work, members appear and disappear, cant invite members. What is the issue?


I’ve been getting the same thing ever since the last update & server maintenance.

It starts as soon as I run the game and reach the Game Menu. Then it periodically continues throughout the game session.

I don’t use the Clan features these days. But, it’s still annoying to see this constantly being spammed in the Chat Window.

Yes this is what i am getting also, but it is effecting my total interaction with the clan.

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You’re not alone I’m in a clan yet have no access to nothing there. Then this morning someone said I wasn’t in the clan at all, yet I can’t reapply either. This is messed up and needs to be fixed.

Here it is October 30th and we still are having issues with being not being able to see clan members on, this you’ve been disconnected from clam server’s is a joke and needs to be dealt with, as it’s affecting our clan and members!

11/5 - Same here, just like the screenshot above.

I am also getting network freezes and disconnects, which is killing my Hardcore play.

Two characters last week, a GR100 GoD DH, and a brand new Wiz.

Are these problems related?

Recently there has been problems starting and entering a game (after starting from the battlenet application). In my case quitting and starting over again would help and I could play without problems.
Last evening I got a new personal best on the leaderboard, but after looking at the leaderboard screen (to enjoy my accomplishment :grin: ) and closing the screen, the game was frozen and I had a disconnect. This is on EU server and maybe not related to your problems, but it may indicate that there are some problems at the moment.