Disconnect in HC

I was doin a GR 131 Season Push on Barb, fought with 10 mobs, then i got kicked to the Menu by d3, saying a error number, i dont remember. And i was dead

I didnt loose my Internet Connection or Battle. net Connection, the App was all time online, and i was still in Menu of D3 didnt have to relogg

Could even Choose my char but couldnt log in. Got incredible gear and worked really hard… This is so frustrating


@SneakySnake, I just had the same thing happen.

Playing my Barb my Barb kept spinning but everything else froze. It booted me to menu, still showed my Barb available to play, but in chat it said I RIP’d. When I tried to select my barb it came up with the error. After reset it was in the dead hall.

The crazy thing. There is no screenshot of his death.

Come on Blizzard. I know it’s not an internet thing as I was still receiving chat, and I have my PC set up for gaming so it has priority. There were no enemy near me I had cleared it. So Why???

this forum is alas only good to get rid of the frustration to some small extent. blizzard isnt going to improve anything, just because we open 5 “i died and my connection didnt break” type of threads a week. i just lost my 3rd character that way this season. and this was the final one, im going to wait for Wolcen and not frustrate myself over this .
but for the life of me i dont understand why blizzard wont consider lowering the disconnect counter to 5 seconds. that way our disconnected characters at least have a fighting chance to survive after the ‘cheat death’ skill goes off and at the same time long enough not be abused via intentional disconnects in most cases to get your char out of an impossible situation
but yeah same thing happened a couple of times as to the OP, not this season though and fixing this would probably require more resources then they invest into patches and seasons year.

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But even if the timer was shorter would it really matter, since the server doesn’t receive any command you input when you’ve been dc’ed.

Lost 57 hours of play time today because of a “lost connection to server”, I came back to this again after a 5 year long hiatus, I noticed some things have improved and some (like servers) are still unstable. PoE used to be unstable too, but that was several years ago, now I never rip due to servers - take notes, blizzard.

I live on the east coast and I have on avg 18 hops to the server. It can get up to 30 at some times. So in saying this you can’t blame the server 100% of the time. The only time you really can blame the server. Is that when the forum gets hit with a lot people posting I got disconnected.

I too have have die twice from a disconnect. Once it might have been the server because the other 3 people die too. The other was my fault we were having a problem in our area with Comcast. I thought everything was fine but it wasn’t.

I have two accounts and one I play HC and the other SC. Then on the next season play I flip accounts. I have played the last 3 season without a death or a disconnect from the server playing HC. Plus in the past 5 yrs I count on one hand how many time I got disconnected.

I’ve had this game since it first came out, and was always terrified about playing Hardcore because I didn’t think that they’d be competent enough to make a system that would respond to lag good enough to avoid DC deaths. Now at Season 19, I finally start playing HC, absolutely love it, feel like it’s the true Diablo experience. But I’ve died at least 10 times and 9 times out of the 10 it was a disconnect death!

It’s 2020. How can Blizzard not fix this? How much data at one time is being sent back and forth in a hand shake protocol at any given time that can’t figure out that there’s a lag issue and to just disconnect the character before the character dies in a spot rather than have the character sit there motionless in game??

It’s not going to stop me from playing hard core until the day comes that i’m grifting up above 100 and get screwed. And I have so many back up sets to cushion the blow.

But come on Blizzard!!! FIX THIS! Or at least explain to us WHY it can’t be fixed!!! This can’t be rocket science here!!!


Mate, after you RIP, check out your D3 debug file under your D3 directory, if you are using 64 bit, go to that subdirectory. i.e. mine is D:/Diablo III/x64/D3debug.
If it’s like mine you will find a FMOD error. Google that too.
Basically Windows10 and the game are a bit disjointed and it creates an error due to a sound file. This freezes the game for 5-10 seconds, then boom, you are dead.

I am thinking of going Linux.

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I know that this topic is old, but as I was reading it, I thought I’d have to put my own experience here: I played Diablo 3 on Linux since 2 years and I had the exact same problem of “whatever game problem” > then restart > then Hardcore character dead for no reason.

The last time it happened, I wasn’t even in a Rift or anything, only in town!!! I was so pissed having wasted a hell of hours into this character for nada that I sent a message to Blizzard stating that I quit the game, as well as no future Blizzard games for me, because for such a game still having such problems in 2021, and probably due to a stupid anti-cheat system, it’s just a shame!

So to sum up: even on Linux, this is f* up.

Old thread but the same issue remains 2023, only died in HC from DC’s back to the menu. It even feels like these DC’s are more common for Hardcore, like the HC servers are the worst of them :smiley: .