Did some simple testing on gr 113 and gr 126

I did some simple testing on 113 and 126 and had 3 following setups:
rorg, mante of channeling and odysseys
rorg frostburns and fortress
coe, frosturns, fortess
coe, 6 piece, odysseys

last 1 should be most dps

at 126gr
I did 2 runs of each… and obv it’s not enough and all depends on enemies you get and pylons, but I did most with last setup, I did quickest run with the first setup. middle 2 felt , in the middle

at 113gr, which is my sub 3 min meta run, all were fine, but middle 2 felt sluggish. normal monsters wouldnt die as fast. last felt maybe a bit faster, but i also got procced more.

somehow i prefer the first build. it’s likely less dps than max possible, but that 25% dr, gives me a nice chance not to die…

p.s not all my items are as good as they could. def need better rings and amulet and ancient belt…

Just to say something…

Using Odyssey’s has the potential to deal more damage but there’s a curve to it that makes it more difficult to play.

As an example, the same curve applies to Frostburn and RoRG and slotting Polar Sentry for better freezes and to make better use of BotT.

The curve is, with Odyssey’s you can’t keep at 20 stacks of Momentum because the only way to change between generators is to be beneath 20 stacks. At 20 stacks the last generator won’t change no matter if you’ve pressed the other generators button or not. In other words you have to stop firing for a few seconds in order to change generators.

Similarly, while deploying Sentries for the Frostburn build, you have to be below 20 stacks. However, the Sentries can last from 30 sec to 1 minute depending on if you take the Custom Engineering Passive, which means you can get back to 20 stacks and stay longer before having to deploy again.

Using Odyssey’s you have to stop every 4-8 seconds. That’s what makes it harder to play at Higher GR Tiers.

All that said, it’s cool that you’re enjoying the dual generator set up with Odyssey’s.

You know, I bet you I am likely using it improperly… I may switch to ballista when I go for 128+. I am sure I can do 128+ now, but I am in now rush, as i want to get my gems ready.

I am doing all of this solo, i wish i had 3 others to play with (I dont want to make any other chars, so that’s on me) to run speed 120-130’s