Did Rakkis kill barbarians with Paladins

So i havnt read any books, I am currently on chapter 10 of the sin war, so if this story takes place in this trilogy please let me know :smiley:
If not,

Did Rakkis kill Barbarians when he tried to reach corvus with paladins or just standard knights?
Im just going by what the Diablo 3 lore books say.
Would love if it were darkened paladins

No, the story of Rakkis takes place thousands of years after the Sin War.

Whatever Rakkis found in Kehjistan is almost as ancient as the world itself.

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Do you know if was paladins he attacked with or just knights? and thank you :slight_smile:

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I suppose such an army needs light infantry, spearmen, cavalry, and archers.
Rakkis had a large army, that allowed him to destroy Ivgorod’s forces and conquer the Aranoch desert, but Ivgorod still had the monks to ambush his army in a guerrilla war and to counter this, Rakkis had his paladins, as an elite unit.

Although Rakkis and his sons were able to conquer Entsteig and part of the Shaval Wilds, he was never able to conquer Ivgorod or the barbarian tribes.

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Man thats awesome, Cheers for this info im slowly making my way through the audiobooks and now i realize this really is one of the greatest stories all time meaning the story and lore behind the diablo series.
Already loved it so much just what i got from the games and wiki etc over the years, but these books make this soooo much better i never could have imagined.

I feel a live action series of Diablo if given enough care could rival that of Game of Thrones very easily with high production

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You’re welcome, this information is inside the book of Tyrael.

The Sin War is awesome, you are going to enjoy it a lot.

If I remember right from the game it is said by the scholar that Rakkis took his army of paladins with him. While the crusaders went West