Did Leah even knew she was the princess of New Tristram?

We all know that prince Aidan is Leahs father, but did Cain or even Adria told Leah who her father was? Or that she is/was the princess of Khanduras/ Tristram/ New Tristram?

No, I don’t think she knew at all. At least there is no conversation directly telling Leah that “Yea, Aidan was your dad”. Cain died before it came up, only telling Leah that her father was a soldier/warrior who fought against the dark forces, and Adria never did tell her.

Probably because it might have put Leah on her guard, and Adria couldn’t really have that.

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Adria told Leah who her father was right before she get possessed by Diablo. I don’t think Leah had time to process the thought that she was a princess.

Leah herself only knew that her father was a great warrior who fell during the darkening of Tristram. That was pretty much the only thing Deckard Cain had told her.

Not only that, but it would also put Tyrael on guard and cause him to see Adria’s deception. Tyrael himself didn’t realize that Leah’s father was Aidan/Diablo, until after Adria had told him during her betrayal.

I guess it’s been so long since I played through the campaign I forgot all of this! Neat. I didn’t realize Leah was a princess.

Indeed. She was pretty much the last living member of King Leoric’s bloodline (afaik as of now).

Now I wonder, Would any member of Leoric’s family have a claim to the throne of Khanduras after Diablo 2? I would think that there would be a new royal family.

Most likely not imo. The Darkening of Tristram as well as the events of Diablo 2 (where Aidan as the Dark Wanderer was under Diablo’s influence and eventually made host) would likely stain King Leoric’s legacy forever, to the point that the people would consider the bloodline itself to be cursed and as a result may not be readily willing to accept a member of Leoric’s family as Ruler.

At least that’s my guess on the matter.

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