Diablo IV on Nintendo Switch

When Nintendo announces Switch 2.0 in the year 2030, I guess we might see Diablo 4 on there. With offline mode :partying_face:

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60fps is 60fps… it doesn’t matter if it’s 1344x756 vs 4k resolution or 60hz vs 120hz.

People make such a weird deal out of resolution. Lots of Switch games run at 720p which is less than 1344x756 and they look great. I think the term “4K” got so marketed that people freak out if it doesn’t reach that point.

Can’t use Ori and the Will of the Wisps as a reference point :slight_smile:

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Switch is notoriously hacked. With cross-progression, the game would be riddled with cheats even more so than it is now.

If it comes to Switch, it should be that Switch gamers can only play with other Switch gamers, sort of like it is now.

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Switch pro is rumoured sometime mid this year.

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The only, and significant, thing going against that rumor is that it was also rumored to be mid-2020, and then mid 2021, then mid-2022.

Can’t find a “holding my breath” emoji :frowning:

Of course it does. You need less hardware to maintain stable fps on a lower resolution. And no one mentioned hz.

If D4 is online only your argument becomes null as the character data will be saved to the cloud, not an SD card. D3 has a true offline mode, which is saved to the SD card (internal drive for XBox/PlayStation).

I could see them porting it later but the Switch is a 5 year old console that runs on what was already not top of the line hardware when it came out.

It needs some extra work to make it play properly on hardware of those specs.

The problem of hacking in the switch console its blizzard fault. The online saved game is the same than offline saved game. Its their fault. Diablo 3 saves should be stored in blizzard server.

Either game which gives users access to save game files one day it will ve cracked and hacked. Its so obvious like you need your foots to walk.

I never played offline in switch. And if a player is traveling in a bus, internet acess point from mobile is easy to go.

Its blizzard fault the hackers in d3 on nintendo. Bad choice when picked save stored file share online/offline mode and store it in the memory of console.


What I’m getting at, is the Switch is manufactured to run at 60fps at its native resolution. It’s not meant for 4k, so 4k is irrelevant.

The Hz was mentioned for those that might think it matters when talking about 60fps

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No one said it was.

First, bucko, it is not my argument. It is one I mentioned, yes, but that does not mean I agree with it or that it is the only one, clearly, as other counterpoints have been made as to why Switch does not yet have D4 coming.

Another conceivable option is that the Switch is a dying model and Nintendo plans to release some form of upgrade device and they do not wish to have self-competing devices in the market… so, “newer” games like D4 may not have an initial release for their brands but may get them later, or never. I have no evidence to support this nor is it required to posit a hypothesis…

Completely irrelevant. It happened and it is a major, for many anyway that voice frustration, reason to not play the game on the system. For me, personally, I hate that the controls are mostly reversed - the “X” button switches to the other side - yeah, I can use elective mode and change them back around, but not until every skill node is unlocked so the first XXXX levels are still trapped in backwards mode.

Indeed. On the pc we have one more skill vs switch. The left buttom works to walk and set a skill.

Bad optimizations on switch:
1 - When you want to salvage a legendary you have to go eqiuipment part icon by icon. There should be a legendary window to salvage all of them.

2 - After you run a GR 100 with cleanned inventory you cant take all iems guardian GR drops. Because u got inventory full before collect all drops.

3 - To spend shards it takes so long. And it should be a quick move. Beyond that the inventory problem again get full quickly. So you have to turn back and salvage several times.

4 - Storing gear in the chest is completely a mess. All gears get pilled and you lost so much time looking for it. It’s missing for each equipment default storage some tab selection. So we could to organoze better each kind of item.

5 - Inventory items carrying it’s so low.

6 - Nintendo Switch Goblin Amiibo permit to open a vault per day. This is too much. Each 10 levels player should opening once. And after 70 daily.

7 - Blizzard not offering goblin amiibo digital purchase which initially cost 15 usd, now players sell for 100 usd.

8 - Its very hard to find groups to do stuff in common. You have to look up outside game and on pc discord or other communities.

9 - Like fortnite voice communication. It lacks a way to talk with the squad.

10 - Each rune skill element damage should display better its element (fire, ice, etc).

These are some stuff i remember promptly.

There is a savalge window which lists all items.
On PC it is not possible to salvage all legendaries either.

Seems that your inventory is not cleaned.
The inventory can hold 60 items. Even if you have a health potion and one gem of each type you have 54 free slots.

Item drops are capped to 12 at GR90.
So you can run 4 GR90+ before you have to clean your inventory. Theoretically 5 times if you would not use a potion and would not pick up gems.

Minimal slower to click a button instead of clicking a mouse and you could use a controller with a boost button which triggers a button multiple times.
On PC you have to savalge as well and items can take two inventory slots. So you have to salvage more frequently on PC.

At least there are categories.

Is this on switch ? My inv is full and all itens like ramaldni gears etc are stored. Does the legendary gems take up space ? If does its better i quickly storage them. They stay in a gem space. In pc gems dont take space.

Not enough for a lot of itens.

Yes on switch.

Yes they do.

You can empty your inventory completely. 0/60

They do.

I was not aware of that. There should be one inventory tab which show all kind of items.

A real inventory GUI (graphic user interface) with 60 spaces would be nice. So it’d be much wiser to see what is getting space. I played for years on d3 pc. I guess how many new d3 switch users also doesnt know it.

Cant blame them. There is not a global inventory like pc.

I was wondering as well and i navigated threw all elements in the inventory. A bit tricky are unclaimed cosmetic items like a pet.