Diablo IV Holy Warrior Class Name

Suggestions for the name of the holy warrior archetype class in Diablo IV:

  • Devout
  • Fanatic
  • Anointed
  • Zealot

Paladin. Or have you not noticed the trend with D4 already.



I really wouldn’t mind this, or simply a different name for holy/faithful warrior class with slightly different lore, spells. Maybe Kormac started something.


It also could be “Knight” and the special class mechanic could be to choose a devotion or a subclass, something like

  • Death Knight
  • Paladin
  • Infernal Knight / Dread Knight
  • etc

holy warrior is not an archetype
so for tank i would also prefer a death knight


Seem too much like a class specialization, which I like, but doubt we’ll see.

It will be Paladin. They are drawing inspiration from D1/D2. Templar and Crusader are from 3. Cleric is new, the OP choices are new. Paladin brings that nostalgia feel they are going for, even if the class is a carbon copy of the D3 Crusader.

rhykker made up some fair point being
they have reused 4 classes now
so from any marketing, identity, range, audience, etc. point of view it would be the best solution to at least have ONE new class that D4 is exclusive for

In the same way the Sorceress is a carbon copy of the Wizard.
I’d love a new class but I agree, all points to Paladin for the fifth.

The whole marketing catch of D4 is nostalgia for D2. While that makes sense, it will be the Paladin. With Necro and Amazon to be released afterwards, then something new later on. I’ll eat crow if I’m wrong, but Blizzard isn’t likely to take a chance that big on an unknown for this game until after it releases IMO.

amazon is very unlikely given the rogue already covering bow
i think people are thinking a bit one dimensional
its not like blizz devs be like “uuuugh we little dumb and lazy lets just copy all classes hurhur °~°”
they are using famous implementations of archetypes that just WORK
a few more years into RPG gaming in lets say 20 years there will still be druids, paladins, rogues and sorcs in fantasy RPGs because it WORKS
no matter how much people are asking for cowboys and tech classes in a medieval fantasy game

regardless of that it just makes sense to give D4 something on its own that people just notice like “oh, so thats the cool new class that was introduced in D4”
and all the people that are bored of “carbon copies” will have at least 1 reason to buy the game and play something “new”
its not very hard to understand and these people are not stupid

Amazon will be introduced in the expansion that gives us their homeland as a playable zone. The rogue is a hybrid melee/ranged with more emphasis on melee. Amazon will be a pure ranged.

No one is claiming Blizzard devs are simpletons. Risk adverse, would be my term. It’s obvious they were spooked by DI in 2018, and potentially alienating fans for 2 games in a row with out a holy knight class could be a mistake.

Nothing outside of of some new systems, really screams new and different with D4. I don’t expect that to change.

rogue literally has arrow rain^^
if i see amazon i would actually see her being the “spear” class that everyones asking for
rogue is literally the bow (and daggers) class

And? You just said the devs aren’t morons. They could easily rework the class.

as i said
i can see her being a spear class
just not another “bow class”
so probably not the 6th or 7th class
i just dont agree that they simply try to tick all the previous classes in D4
sorc is needed, barb is needed, druid was a huge callback which made a lot of people happy, rogue is a classic thing you see in all kinds of rpg games and it perfectly merges 2 remaining archetypes

This time, I actually hope it’s a Crusader. :joy: :joy: :joy:

This won’t happen. They killed amazon with DH reskin.

Not really, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Really. Amazon has never been purely ranged. She was always both melee and ranged. Rogue literally occupied its place so amazon will never make it into D4. Well, at least, until they ll run out of archetypes completely.


Dark Templar or Death Knight… i want a class like that.