Diablo IV Discord

Greetings, Nephalem:

Blessed we are to have you establishing the necessary preparations for the arrival of Lilith, Queen of the Succubi. In the interim, we thought it best to organize an “official” unofficial Discord server for the Diablo IV fanbase to gather and discuss the pending arrival of hellspawn from the depths below.

Diablo IV Discord: .gg/wzCMHGP

Between now and the time of release, we are hoping to recruit some engineers who may be able to help us create a bot or two, primarily to help disclose reddit updates and dev team news to the server.

Otherwise, we welcome one and all to come join us in this (potentially) rather enduring wait time for the release of Diablo IV.

We want a community for the fans, so please utilize our #suggestion-box and let us know how we can bring the best experience to you!

Credentials as a Server Owner:

  1. Awkward Introverts, a Guild Wars 2 Community: 357 members
  2. 717 Gaming, A County Gamers Group Expanded: 4,257 members
  3. The Aetheryte, a FFXIV Discord: 1,124 members

*Member count is most members at one time.

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