Diablo IV Beta Download not there

Has anyone else had and resolved this issue?

Troubleshooting so far:
-Yes I pre-purchased the game
-I’ve re-installed battle.net from scratch
-I’ve confirmed my game purchase region and client region
-I’ve removed and re-added the D4 shortcut in the client
-I’ve used both beta and non beta version of bnet
-I’ve cleared app data, and local data
-I’ve uninstalled and deleted all folders related to bnet, restarted computer, re-installed bnet (second time) from the bnet web page
-I’ve reset my password and restarted/re-logged into bnet

I’d open a web ticket with blizzard, but my experience with that is by the time we’d resolve the issue the beta weekend will be over… So hopefully the community can help <3

The D4 community might be able to help… if you posted in the Diablo IV forums.

This might help: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/diablo4/23916442/your-guide-to-the-diablo-iv-open-beta#Download

Does Diablo IV show up in the list of available programs as in:

Make sure the GAME VERSION above the play button is set to “Diablo IV - Beta”