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Calling PC gamers self entitled and angry clearly shows you do not understand the problem. This is bigger than the announcement or absence of particular games.

Blizzard developing Diablo Immortal at all leads to the idea that Blizzard are now in the business of chasing the mobile money in China and less so towards their real bread and butter which is PC gaming.

Mobile gaming doesn’t take much to develop and can lead to massive returns; that’s why they would be doing this. Instead of giving the players what they want, they appear to be giving what the investors want. The pursuit of greedy profits likely means they have their priorities elsewhere.

Shoving a mobile game to a PC gaming crowd and the lack of a Diablo for PC announcement leads to the accusation that Blizzard are out of touch with their core audience. They thought Diablo Immortal would satisfy the crowd but were shocked at the reaction because they did not expect it. If they are unable to read the room or know what makes their fans tick, what hope do they have in delivering a quality product?

These are just symptomatic of the overall problems with Blizzard and Activision Blizzard in general. There’s a lot more to this than you probably know or give credit for.


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We want a real PC game, not a tainted mobile f… game full with paywalls.


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I suggest you go back to Diablo Immortal… oh I meant Crusaders of light!



Almost as bad as the actual announcement… Try harder.


When Diablo comes with this mobile phone game, how much would such a game cost?

I paid 40 Euro for my new Diablo 3 game, but phone games must be cheaper I think?


I saw $5 USD on Google Play Store.

I have a lot of nephews and nieces that would love the game. And it would be a cheap Christmas present.

But, if there is bad MTX, I’m not buying the game for them.


Lul, OP said “mobile player”



Thank you for your intelligent comment unlike others. Why can’t they have both. Getting into the mobile gaming market is a smart business venture for Blizzard. They’re in the business of making money and mobile gaming is a huge market for success. Just because they’re making a mobile version of Diablo does not mean they stop making PC versions. My point was people just need to be patient and stop complaining, they’re still making a D4. Maybe not when fans expected but it’s going to happen. Why’s it such a big deal that people are making it out to be. They way people have been talking they sound as if they think blizzard owes them something. Plus they weren’t just showing it to a PC gaming crowd they’re showing it to the world that was watching on TV and that includes mobile users.


Perhaps calling others self entitled caused others to take offence at your post. Hard to play victum after you have cast the first stone.

As I said before this is the wrong forum for discussing Diablo Immortal, it needs a forum all its own away from Diablo 3. If they release the game at Blizzcon perhaps they will create a forum for it or not.


Last year (some time within August), Blizzard released a video claiming that the “forges are burning hot”. Now, after going a long time without any updates or meaningful changes to the game (or even franchise for those who distasted Diablo 3), there was a glimmer of hope for people to look forward to during 2018’s blizzcon. So you had a great deal number of people throwing ideas around as to what could be revealed at blizzcon, the most desired ideas were Diablo 4, Diablo 2 remake, or even Diablo 3 expansion.

Upon realizing the massive hype wave they had created, Blizzard attempted to reduce the hypetrain’s momentum by creating an article about 2 months after their initial hype video. They succeeded in lessening the hype train a bit, as people stopped speculating a Diablo 4 reveal and settled with hoping for either a Diablo 2 remake or Diablo 3 expansion.

Well blizzcon came, and we all know the travesty that erupted there. But I’ll just end this quickly by stating that firstly I can’t and won’t speak for others on this matter however:

Personally, I wasn’t irked by Diablo Immortal because it was a mobile game. I was irked because the Diablo Community was hyped by Blizzard for nearly two months then let down and then demonized just for showing our distaste (sure some people go to the extreme, but you should never consider outliers as the norm of the whole group).

Just wanted to add a quick note: A reaction like the one that happened at last year’s blizzcon was bound to happen with how poorly blizzard’s been doing in terms of communication and decision making these last few years. Diablo Immortal was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.


Hey, if you want an intelligent response from me then you need to post intelligently, and your OP was flame bait instead.


Okay so before you continue, Do you even understand why people were mad? No? Guess not. The reasons there was such outrage with the mobile game wasnt because it purely exists, its because last year the PR stunt pulled and the videos released by our CM highly pushed forward tge idea that many projects would be announced. Before you say well “they said not to get too hyped about it” at blizzcon that was only a month before blizzcon. After a failing diablo 3 to meet the standards of the majority of the actual diablo fans with its direction, they hyped last year up it was falsely advertised as a big year for diablo community. It wasnt. At all. After hyping it up for months and getting peoples money all of those people who spent their hard earned money to travel have a place to sleep and attend blizzcon were legitimately slapped im the face by a 7 year old game going to switch and a mobile game that was mobile only. So youre going to take a game thats been pc from the beginning the true diablofans who love the lore in the series, are forced to play on a five inch screen to get that lore on a phone. Which we all KNOW is going to be filled with pay 2 win mechanics/microtransactions. So instesd of focusing on what mattered,after hyping up blizzcon and taking everyones money who attended and or paid to watch it, thats what we got. A slap in the face. So before you go. And make assumptions on why people are furious maybe read just a FEW posts on why people are actually legitimately ticked off about it.


Diablo Immortal was announced 8 months ago and you just realised? Or you got lost on that phone of yours and found forums by accident…

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I get the desire for wanting to talk about something you’re excited about, but others aren’t. I absolutely encourage you to do so in a manner that’s constructive and positive. I’m also happy to ensure those conversations remain constructive and positive, because everyone deserves a chance to share the things they’re excited about without being attacked for it. Trolling of any kind, regardless of the subject matter, won’t be tolerated.

However, coming out swinging isn’t going to sway opinions (at least, not in the way you’re hoping). Please reflect on that, review the Code of Conduct, and consider the best way to approach this topic in the future.