Diablo Immortal?

I would have played to D:I but as D4 has been announced, I won’t.
Blizz should develop a new franchise for the Mobile platform, there’s plenty game thematic possible and of course something new attract new fans instead of disappointing them.


What… You guys don’t have phones?


My wife plays her mobile games on her 27 I’m monitor on her PC. Don’t remember what she uses but it’s funny seeing merge dragons on the big monitor.

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I had a weird theory on why it is delayed:

They might be working on a PC port for it, since there was a big outcry for it only being on Mobile.

But I could be very wrong, and they are just waiting for the right time to release it, with the least amount of backlash.


Not a weird thought at all. I have thought about that too. I kind of wish they would make a PC port. That is one of the things that upset people during Blizzcon - see the booing when it was confirmed it would not be on PC.

That would be logical.


We don’t have an anticipated release date or window to share yet. We did provide a small update about the game’s progress at BlizzCon this year (where we also had a new playable demo), and Wyatt followed that up with a post on the Diablo Immortal subreddit for interested folks who wanted more context. It admittedly was probably easy to miss amidst all the Diablo IV news, but that announcement needed to have its own space to shine. There’s a lot of Diablo being worked on right now, and we want to be very clear about what part of the franchise we’re discussing at any given time (largely to avoid confusion or misunderstandings).

I don’t have much more to share than that, but when we do, we won’t be shy about it. We know there’s a fair amount of you interested in what we’ve been working on, and we’re eager to show it—when it’s ready. :slight_smile:


The outcry was because they announced a mobile phone game instead of a PC game. Why would anyone with a PC be interested in a port of a mobile phone game?


Where is this even coming from, do you not read articles on the front page of the D3 website?

I’m sure there are some people out there who would want to play it on PC, hence that big “Boooooo” when Lord Fluffy asked if it was coming to PC too. (I know you can use an emulator on PC, but a legit PC port would do more good than harm imo.)

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That was the biggest part of it, yes. However…

You should be asking LordFluffy who put that question to the Devs at Blizzcon. You should also be asking all the people who loudly booed when the answer was no, it was phone only. Wyatt seemed shocked people wanted it on PC…hence the “don’t you all have phones” comment after the booing.

People would not be asking if they did not want to play it on PC too. People would not be making derisive comments about “mobile only” if some did not want it on PC.


Hope it won’t be a rushed and unfinished games like Warcraft 3 Reforged.

I am still waiting for Diablo Immortal release.


I’m pretty sure you all got trolled really hard from OP

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Not entirely true. People were expecting Diablo 4 or at least a new Diablo 3 content. But instead, they announced a mobile game in front of PC gamers.

That’s the reason why people are dissapointed and upset. Not because they can’t play D:I on PC. Nobody asked for D:I.


I feel like you missed the first part of the post you quoted. You missed the part where I said that the biggest issue was that they announced a Mobile game at Blizzcon. Period. Then I went on to explain that in addition to the Mobile game announcement, some people also were upset there would be no PC port.

LOL. Skelos…read? He’s too busy replaying his own pipe dreams in his head to pay attention to reality.

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PC port? I don’t mind but I don’t think others will happy with 4 skill bars. D3 and D4 has 6 skil bars and there are people were already mad about it.


Same. Got really bored of marvel future fight. I want to play Diablo Immortal on my iPad.


Did they wrote a date?

i have a cell phone.
But i also have a PC that i spent 1000$ on, so…
Thanks Blizzard…

They did not write a release date, but they have been working on the game, and said that there are more challenges than they anticipated getting it up to the quality they want (take that as you will haha).

The fact they had new content to test at Blizzcon and Wyatt has shared the article with us, it is pretty clear the game is still in development.

So not sure why people would think it has been cancelled.

FWIW, I am still looking forward to the game, I think it will be a solid pass time when I am either in the restroom or for 20 minutes before I go to bed.