Diablo Immortal - things that would make it better

  1. Those giant 4 man clickable chests… They are a joke, they have nothing great in them. a) put something actually worth something to get people to come click on them.
    b) put a timer on them so if you are alone or with another person and you guys are click for a minute (60 seconds), the chest opens.

I once sat at a chest clicking it for 42 minutes with 3 others to have 36 people walk by and refuse to click the chest, all laughing at us for wasting out time. That’s how bad those chests are (currently).

  1. Treasure Goblins… Love them, hate the effort for reward, they seem to be fairly sturdy no matter how powerful you are, it takes 10 to 14 hits to kill them, meanwhile they are immune to any CC and of course charge to all the packs of mobs and for all your effort, you might get a handful of dust and maybe 10,000 gold… why not make them drop at least 1 legendary item or 100,000 gold? you have a gambler in town that eats all our gold anyways, it would give a few more pulls…

  2. remove that annoying low battle points per week thing, 2,400 points is doable in less than 18 hours of game play.

  3. remove forcing people to group in dungeons are hell levels, my sader is able to solo hell 4 dungeons himself (I made everyone sit at the zone in and ran the full dungeon myself with no help)… that is just dumb to force people to group.

Diablo Immortal -things that would make it better:


Going back in time to before it was created and just not creating it.