Diablo immortal Server recruitment: Cult of Damnation

Game: Diablo Immortal
Clan: Wicked Kin
Server: Cult of damnation —- NA West

Looking for:
All players
All content (rite and shadow wars more so)
PM for discord. Or message me for questions

Come to cult of damnation over 10 active shadow clans and new immortals that just started this week. We Typically switch immortals every 5 weeks. Top clans made recent agreement to not take other top clans for immortal for more competition

Active clans include:
Legion: current immortals about 80-90 members
Til Valhalla
Total of 240 immortals

Top ten Shadows: in order with member number (updated)
Trauma - 72
Wicked Kin - 73
Truckit - 98
Mugiwara - 86
Cow kings descendants - 100
Cerberus - 66
Hands of fate - 91
Black bulls - 37
One for all -92
Order of the phoenix - 76

Also other shadow clans I didn’t list and adventurer clans.

Top clans of server and previous immortal rotations:
Legion, Trauma, Wicked kin, Truckit
1st reign: legion (Cerberus and I forget lol)
2nd reign: Truckit( trauma and cows)
3rd: wicked Kin (mugi and black bulls)
Now on 4th reign

We want more active clans here. We have a decent population already but would love to have you guys by join us! People here a nice and willing to carry!

Challenge rift leader boards numbers this cycle(just rest this week)
Wiz - 153
Barb -162
Crusader - 133
Monk - 86
Dh. - 184
Necro - 255

Market gems:
400 for all gems except ruby(300-360)
1 star 8-900
2/5 - 33-64k
4/5 - 110-200k
5/5 in markets at various prices depending on gem(200-640k)

PM me for more specifics or questions. Come join our active server!