Diablo Immortal Guild ---> D4

I have created a guild for Diablo Immortal which will transition to Diablo 4 once it comes out.
Since D4, who knows how far away that is!

Virus Numeris

We believe in the power of numbers! We don’t have any numbers yet, which is ironic! That’s why I’m on the search for you!

The guild’s time zone is set to Europe. This is so we can play 8-man raids together and have better event management, as well as for the game’s pvp aspect.

So, who are the types of players we’re looking for? Every type of gamer is welcome. From a casual player to a more dedicated one. We want to create a guild that is welcoming to all, with a healthy dose of competition, kindness, and the aroma of apple pie in the air. We’re a Tavern for Everyone, after all!

Also, once Diablo 4 is released, we will switch to that game!

discord code: VHU3t4VtRD

Hope to see you around!