Diablo Immortal Clan Pantheon Recruiting

Game: Diablo Immortal
Server: The Worldstone
Clan: Pantheon
My Battle.net ID tag: WhirLWinD#1213
My Diablo Immortal Barbarian Character name: Gabriel
We are currently looking for active players who enjoy playing the game, and having fun! We have been through ups and downs since launch. Went from top 5 Shadow Dark Clan to dropping out of top 10, but trying to rebuild the best we can! I’m a F2P $0 spent Barbarian player who is currently 2100+ combat rating, and hit Legend on Barb BG list a few weeks ago. I am usually on most of the day/night to help out in any way I can from playing the game to help others, and answering any questions you may have! So, if you are looking for a Clan in Diablo Immortal and are on The Worldstone Server come join Clan Pantheon! Grind on! Diablo 4 ever(get it)! :smiley: