Diablo III | PTR 2.7.0 Has Ended!

Please fix the Witch Doctor as there was no reason to nerf any of its sets. In fact you should have buffed some of them since it is the weakest class in the game now.
Here’s a thought maybe give the WD or the Necro an actual good pet build since they are diablo 3’s pet classes . The WD pet builds have been horrible for years now and the only really decent pet build for the necro you guys changed in the ptr saying it was to much like the other sets…No it wasnt. Now you have like three sets all about standing back and firing a spell from max distance.



Please reverse this un-necessary nerf to Gazing Demise it is NOT overpowered by any means… Why all the hate on the WD? 2nd nerf in a row… you are killing this set and it was all we had that was decent…


Un-nerf wd and throw a few buffs to make the class competitive with other classes (Like bbvoodoo follows you forever and gains all runes). WD has the lowest toughness among the classes. You sacrifice half your items to get acceptable dmg reduction. Wd in serious need of buffs.

PS. For the love of god do not do this when it is too late. Somehow I got a feeling you will realize how bad this is and return gazing demise to previous numbers but you will turn every gazing demise in the game into legacy for no reason at all.


first time to contribute to ptr discussion. have played the necro rathma build primarily in this ptr… no matter what combination of different weapons armor etc etc my observation is that the build “stinks”…

  1. it is unbelievably squishy until you get 16 minions up… but you dead two or three times while you trying…
  2. turtles with paralyzed legs are faster than this nec build… would be impossible to keep up in group play… and cant run away from bad situations
  3. do you play Hard core mode?–forget this build…
  4. and lastly the bonus for bone spear and army of the dead, need to be increased to 10-20k not the pitiful increase they are now
  5. lastly the new helper qualities are nice but does nothing for group play… bring back the 4th slot in cube for group play if nothing else… that was the best seasonal buff ever

thanks for your time

PTR forums are readonly - new patch notes to drop?

Hi everyone! PTR 2.7.0 has ended. Big thanks to all your feedback, time spent testing and playing. We’ll keep you posted on news soon!


Thanks for letting us know. This PTR was the least interaction we’ve ever had with anyone on the Blizzard team. Felt a bit underwhelming. TBH, it felt like you guys ignored us for two weeks and then that’s it.


Super unfortunate timing that a discussion on lack of communication this PTR was closed without a word in the middle of several people responding. :clown_face:


Would it be too much to ask that you actually use our feedback and not stick it straight to the trash bin like last time?

The lack of communication has been really annoying. It feels completely pointless to give any feedback when there’s zero commentary back to us.


patch notes updated

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Please end S22 on 21 March!!!


Business as usual on the D3 forums.

Remember, folks, you can speak very loudly with your wallet by not ordering D4 and not purchasing Blizzard products and merchandise.


This is great feedback that we can act on, and I appreciate it. Previous PTR we were VERY chatty and will try to keep the bar at the same or above for things moving forward. Thanks again~!


so no changes since the last PTR update? are you guys serious?

Wyatt Cheng has in the past liked to interact with the community. Maybe he could give us an update on things D3 related.

Also: I was wondering why I couldn’t post in the PTR forum anymore. I thought I got muted XD

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I think you need to wait a bit for the final patch notes mate…


They often change things post PTR. I would not assume that the final PTR will go live unchanged.


We have a few things in review to be updated from PTR > Season 23 start. For any incoming changes, we will include these in the Season 23 preview blog coming soon.


Yeah…they release PTR…then patch…then adjust again before live…the PTR will not be what is released in live…no way Firebiords is going live as was on PTR otherwise GR150 incoming and GoD DH’s and WD go nuts…