Diablo III and Starcraft II crashes after windows update

I’ve been playing S28 for some days when my Windows 10 was updated on March 14 with the update KB5023696. (I tried to add the link to the Microsoft page but the forum doesn’t allow me)

After this update, Diablo 3 randomly closes after some seconds in the game.
I tried Starcraft 2 and got the same result (fresh install of SC2, I don’t play the game)

I tried reinstalling D3, I tried repairing the installation, deleting cache files, and everything I could find online.

Other games in my library work just fine, my PC runs perfectly in anything else. My drivers are updated to the last versions. I even ran a memory check to see if my RAM was corrupted, but all looks fine.

My PC specs:
Windows 10 with all available updates installed
CPU: i7-8700
Motherboard: Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6gb
Harddrive: Samsung M2 Evo Pro 970

Any help?

This is a tech support issue, not a game bug. You should move this post to the Tech Support forum.

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You can change the forum by clicking on the pencil near your title thread.

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Done. Thank you. This is my first time in Blizzard forums.

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When things crash, they generally provide an error message, and this is usually recorded in one of two places Event Viewer or Reliability History. Neither is particularly easy to explain but try Reliability first - open Start and type Reliability. Open “View reliability history” and then check on the date and see if there are any events that might help - if so, you’d need to provide the error for assistance.

If not there, press Windows + R and that’ll open Run. Enter: %windir%\system32\winevt\logs and this will open the path where Event Viewer saves logs. There are a ton of them… the Application log is the best bet. It can be filtered and made easier to find things but since we don’t really know what we’re looking for, a date filter is likely the best. Anyway, see if there’s anything in there on the date and around the time and then provide its message.

Also, if there was an update to Windows, it is possible any special configuration to hardware may have reverted or even stopped working so I’d try just running the games with no adjustments, including resolution.

Is there an update for this? Unfortunately, this also happens on windows 11. It crashes randomly after playing for some time and it resets the bounty progress :cry: I played diablo III S27 on the same machine and it was running previously fine.

It is a fallacy to assume your issue is the same as the OP, even if the result is the same. And, anyway, without logs nothing is, or could be, done so wallow.

Hey there,

On this one, I would love to look at a DxDiag. This can let us see if there is an error there or other issues that could cause this. :slight_smile:

DxDiag instructions (click to expand)
  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type DxDiag and then press Enter.
  3. In the DxDiag window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file something you can remember and click Save.

To add it to your reply here:

  1. Open the text file and copy all of the text.
  2. Paste the text in your reply.
  3. Highlight all of the text and click </> on the post editor.

Note: If your DxDiag does not fit in one message, you can break it up into two posts, or post it on Pastebin and provide the numbers/letters after the .com in your reply.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Hey Nathardrick!
Here you have it: Diablo3Crash - Pastebin.com

To DeadlyMouse’s comment, I could’t find anything useful in the Event Viewer nor the Reliability History. It was also my first time looking into those tools, so maybe I missed something.

Thanks for the support people!

Hi, I have the same issue.
Windows update and Battle.net launcher in the same day on 22-3-2023.
The D III then be unable to startup. The crash seems DirectX problem. Black screen or white screen shown after DIII logo show.

CPU i7 6700K
Windows 10 pro
Display Card Nvidia 3070
64 GB of system Ram

Dxdiag showed the sound driver of Nvidia 3070 without WHQL approval.

Well, I just installed Diablo 4 open beta, and guess what?
It closes the game automatically after less than 1 minute.
I cannot even get past the queue to login :confused:

I didn’t care much about D3, but now with D4 I really want this problem fixed.
Any news @Nathardrick?


This forum is for technical support on Diablo III; Diablo IV has its own forums and you need to use those. The forums have been unlocked so you can post there even if you don’t have a license for D4… https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d4/


The following post also provides info on what to expect in the Beta:

Thank you @Boubou, the reason I mentioned this here is that this problem first happened in D3 for me.
I checked Starcraft 2 and it also happens there, and now D4 as well.
I will cross-post in the D4 forum though.

Having the same type of issues, with Diablo 3 and 4 having the same problems, less then a minute in the game and it crashes to the desktop.

Game client crashes can have a number of potential causes from out of date drivers/OS, to client data/settings corruption, to conflicts with other programs on the system competing for access to the same resources.

@Beneton I looked over your dxdiag and everything looks good OS and driver wise. However I noticed some errors the may be contributing to issues.

Specifically some BEX and CLR windows level errors involving MSI_LED.exe

These are usually memory related (but not typically caused by memory issues) and could indicate some issues with those programs that might affect various games abilities to access needed system resources.

It would be worth temporarily uninstalling them and seeing if that helps the issue. Especially if its affecting multiple games.

Games like D3 and SC2 have their own teams and unique coding so its pretty unusual for them to experience the exact same issue without there being some sort of system specific or connection specific cause.

It may be best to submit a ticket and include an msinfo (steps would be on the submission form) That will allow support a deeper look at the system and running processes. Click your name at the top of this page, click support, then click contact support.

Alright, thank you Kershaw!