Diablo II Saves disappearing

So I was playing a single player barb once again. Got to about level 45 and he disappeared. His saves were still in the save folder but he doesn’t register ingame for me to select.

Before you guys say anything yes I thought dammit owel only in the 40s let’s try a necromancer. Got to level 43 and sure enough disappeared aswell.

After the barb save disappeared, I reinstalled diablo, removed and returned saves, ensure saves were all in the same folder, reset the pc, made a new character and deleted it. If I try create a character with the same name it says it cannot as there’s another character with the name.

Anyhelp with this would be greatly appreciated!

Is your save folder in C:/users/owner/saved games/diablo II?

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Yes. Like the saves are there with my others. I had one of each type. I just lost the two after I was playing them next time I went to log in and they wernt there- save files are. All 7 of them-

I’ve had this issue in the past and though I’m not 100% but I believe it’s due to the game trying to access save files from a location it’s not supposed to. I believe back then it pulled save files right out of the directory the game is located. It’s been forever now but I believe I relocated/copied my save files to the “old school” directory and it worked.

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What version are you playing?

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The latest. 1.14 something. I’ll double check when I next have access to the pc.

Re- save location change-
I will try this. Seems a bit bizarre only two have disappeared rather than the lot. By memory the directory was

C: - Program Files - Diablo II - Save Game

I’ll try move the pair of them here. Im not sure what the save files do but I have an old back up of my necro from level 26. One by one I swapped the files- nothing happened except for when I changed the first file is it “d2s” ?

This simply reverted the champ back to backupstate.

Let me know if the directory change works. I’m interested to see if this was in fact a fix.

Nope didn’t work.

While changing save locations I’ve noticed some other directories:

This PC > Local Disk C: > Program Files (x86) > Diablo II

This PC > Local Disk C: > Diablo II

This PC > Documents > Diablo II > GameLogs

This PC > Local Disk C: > Users > Nossy > Saved Games > Diablo II

Patch v 1.14b

Can you update the game to v1.14d by joining battlenet? If you can don’t connect with a business IP, nor a vpn.

Updated to v 1.14D

Still no change

Quite upsetting really.

I feel for you, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help. My suggestion is to go to purediablo.com, join, and in the d2 single player forums ask for help. If anyone can solve this it’s them. They also own diabloii.net which is another resource to consider if you can’t get anywhere on the first site.

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Really appreciate the help. Will give it a shot