Diablo II Resurrected Beta Question/Blizzard Support

who said its weekend only??

blue post said look at it like 2 weekends and that dosent mean only 2 weekends it could mean early access this weekend +the next week then open for all from next friday


Nooooo my pooor little connexion ! :sob:


Lol ouch, how long would 97Gb take for you to download?

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i for example live on the countryside… i‘d hav like a 15mbit connection max. :poop:

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Oosh, not good. Doesn’t your online gaming lag with that?

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really hope the paid early access isn’t limited to a typical stress test


well… with poor connection you’ll download game in first beta, and play it in the next one … :innocent:

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Strongly agree I hope the pre purchasers get the time to play Majority.

On Xbox live it even has D2R beta on there but on the Bnet client is doesn’t say anything about it yet and just says cannot download yet, is this normal?

Dota 2 works just fine :sweat_smile::ok_hand:t3:
not playing much tbh, and nothing else - no time - and to much to do.

Hopefully the beta is longer than just two separate weekends? Seems really short tbh.

Dota 2? I’ve never played it mate.

Its a simple MOBA (multiplayer online battle area) - can be fun, but d2r sure is way better :sweat_smile:

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It take for me a Series X game 4 nights to download a 60GB and that’s when my others family members use it, make them laging in day time.

However I can still play well online, with my old and first generation of ADSL … If it’s good I finally got fiber connexion this summer, and resub to gamepass …


That’s our pre-purchase “open beta” bonus? Ouch.
So I’ll have like 6-8hrs in total to test the game if you’ll give us a proper heads up for the dates (including the wasted hours on server crashes and queues).
I hoped for a solid 2 weeks period TBH


guys I’m very calm. this reflects my current mood Cast Away - Scusami Wilson... - YouTube asd.


Gosh I really hope this starts before the 20th… I RARELY ever have any big events scheduled any given year. Except this year. Friend’s wedding on the 21st and I fly out on the 20th… I can already feel Murphy’s Law at work. -_-


So there will probably be no closed beta for preorders this weekend … :cry:

Come on Blizzard, give us a date when, what and how? It´s such a problem to inform comunity about what you have been planning for some time …


“Stay tuned”.

Patience… none of what you said actually makes any sense from a business perspective (how the world actually works).