Diablo evolution

Diablo 4 is on it’s way (finally the next chapter of a terrific series)! Each game had it’s mark and… Diablo 3 was Very Dynamic and Fun, Diablo 2 a flaweless jewel being lapidated :slight_smile: and Diablo 1…oh, I feel so excited when I remember the atmosphere of the truly terryfing one of the terrific series…such an immersion that might sound a paradox considering Its poor graphics (considering today’s standards). But maybe even that added to the game. I think the simple scenario of a small town (but carefully crafted) , the soundtrack, the atmosphere…together made a jewel I sometimes take to check again. The lore (and the amazing narrative and narrator), the dim places…and even the books we needed to improve spells (Very interesting btw). And the poems! The one HandsomeJack posted here once makes me something I cannot verbalize:

I can see what you see not.
Vision milky, then eyes rot.
When you turn they will be gone,
Whispering their hidden song.
Then you see what cannot be,
Shadows move where light should be.
Out of darkness, out of mind,
Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.

There’s no way: gonna play the Gog version (but still hoping, wishing I’ll see It on Xbox (my console nowadays) remastered- actually I would enjoy even the classic one, not remastered. I know people had a long discussion about this last year but I wanted to share my perspective. Congratulations, Blizzard, for the trilogy.

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You may be interested in two Diablo 1 HD mods–Belzebub’s (solo play only with ALL the quests–including those cut from vanilla) and Tchernobog’s mod (multiplayer mod with up to 8 players/game, but no quests). Belzebub is a finished mod, but Tchernobog’s is still getting updates and has more features :slight_smile: You will need DIABDAT.MPQ from your Diablo 1 cd disk in order to play either mod though.