Diablo Clone incentivizes bots/duping

No, you have it the wrong way there.

Diablo 2 incentivizes bots/duping, not Dclone.

Low drop rates with high value and free trade are what incentivizes bots and duping.

Dclone was added to combat said duping.


i think they should have simply made it so selling 1 soj in your game has either 100% or 50% chance to spawn him.

if Soj will be dupable at some point , so will anni’s.
Though i hope there wont be any kind of duping method , won’t concern me that much as a self looter , but it would be sad to see once again dupe and bots swarm everywhere.

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I suspect the numbers of SOJs sold to force clone spawn will drop from the 75-150 number to something much lower, after Blizz monitors player behavior for a few weeks/months. If they were smart, they’d keep track of SOJ sales counts from launch.


Dude why use soj’s at all to spawn him? its another thing, like gated ladder content, that blizzard ONLY implemented as a half-hearted way of “fixing” bots and dupes. So them keeping the method for SOJ’s at all is implying they aren’t going to be doing jack sh** about dupes.

hmmm. maybe something like this could work, depending on the average drop rate of SOJ’s globally. And they could simply lower that number over time as less and less players are online. Great idea man.


With his edit they could change it to where say 950-1,000 SoJ’s would be the value. That way every 950-1,000 SoJ’s found/dropped globally would spawn DClone! Would make the Anni more rare.

Im all for making things better and removing this dumb dupe system. But lets not get crazy. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t think it could work very well.
I mean unlike selling a soj you and controlling when you want to sell it you can’t control when you’ll be dropping one.

So it’s very likely that diablo will walk the world when you won’t be online or when you’ll be doing something else than hell mode.

I just don’t really see how it could work personally :confused:

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I’d like them to work out a system along the lines that a single character (not account) plays XX hours to have a YY% change of clone spawn. Maybe XX = 200 and YY = 50%.

I’ve not thought it through much, but I’d rather the chance of reward be tied to my amount of play and not on some random number of a unique item sold on a random server. This seems broken to me.

I know why they designed it this way originally, but I’ve heard that botting won’t be a problem on the new and improved battle net, so why leave it related to SOJs at all?

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What about if he spawned randomly during certain times of the day, week or month? So you could somewhat plan for it and no one would have to sell anything rare to spawn him.

Diablo Clone fridays!

that would merely be an event.
Which in itself isn’t bad.
but it does make it so you don’t have to do anything to get it but just wait. (and also be wary of timezone)
in a farming game i’am not sure about that.
i’d prefer simply selling a soj has 50-100% chance to spawn him , so you actually have to farm for it.
making an event out of it would make it so everyone would get an anni without having to play the game (except kill diablo clone when he arrives) and make it very common despite how OP this charm is.

it would still be better in my opinion than the 75-100 soj based on I.P thing, but i’am concerned about how easy anni would be to get :confused:
i think in a farming game you have to farm to get something and actually selling a pretty OP and hard to get ring in order to get a “ticket to fight diablo” is a nice idea in itself.

but of course that’s merely my opinion.

Wait you think they should basically add the 1 SOJ for Dclone from Single Player and also use it to summon him in private games on bnet?

I’m good with this too, as you’d have to put in the work to earn/trade for the SOJ.

The old D2 system was more luck-based, which I didn’t like at all. Eventually, I learned how to map/plan clone spawn, which was rewarding but felt like cheating.

All I’m saying is - make me work for it, but make that work rewarding. It seems to me that playing a character for a couple hundred hours, at a high enough level, there should be a “reasonable” chance for me to witness the event, no matter how many #$(*&% SOJs sold…


I wouldn’t mind them changing it, though to be fair, the entire reward structure of the game gives an incentive to bot and dupe with or without Dclone. The only counter force to that at all is the deterrent of potentially being banned and losing your account. That’s a strong enough reason for most people to not bot for themselves, but will never deter the people botting on multiple accounts for profit.

While i disagree with the OP and i wouldnt mind Annihilus being more rare than it is now. Why not flip the entire system?

Increase SoJ requirements for DClone to something alot higher like 500-1000 (up for debate). Instead of having to sell SoJs to the vendor, you have to buy them from the vendor.
This would incentivice gambling and would not be possible by a small number of players to begin with. It would basically take a community effort to spawn DClone.
Not the effort of some super-rich SoJ traders/dupers.

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Forgive me ignorance. I’ve not played with this “New and Improved Battle Net ™” much. Gave up on D3 the first couple of months after launch. But, I’ve read that Blizz states they can stop much of this botting/duping with it. Is that true? Is botting/duping a problem on D3/WOW, etc?


Botting is existing in both. Not sure how the effect is in WoW.
In D3 it does not affect the ordinary player much. It does however affect the leader boards.
The reason for this is because D3 does basically not have any trading. So bots can only influence their own items and exp and therefore their own Greater Rift clearance.

I am not aware of any duping in D3 nor would i assume it to be worthwhile. the itemization is simply not worth it. Also you do not need to own items multiple times with very minor exceptions.

When it comes to D2R there have already been some duping glitches during beta. So it has definitely not been completely prevented yet.

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Really??? That is quite disappointing!


At this point pretty much, would be clearer than anything related to ip where even if you farm your soj(s) you can possibly sell them for nothing, not even a single percent of spawning him, or that he would spawn when you would be offline despite you having sold that soj for it a few hours ago.
And you would farm for it by farming for soj.

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While I would agree that a straight port of the system would incentivize botting/rmt, I think we should wait until all communications come out before raising pitchforks to see if this is still going to be IP based. When the ladder news first dropped, PezRadar gave small tidbits of info in a drip; ladder not on launch, ladder runewords in SP then radio silence until the blog.

Here, PezRadar did the same thing, just said the amount would be the same, without stating how the system exactly accounted for it. With modern bnet logging capabilities, they will be able to see a ratio for SOJ drop to player ratio, and tune the number to be within a range of how often they should expect Dclone to walk. I would have rather had a random spawn timer myself, but I think that they want to keep the community aspect of it alive, even if the prize is mostly a solo thing.