Diablo 4 Will Have XP Boosts!

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haven’t seen the video.
But based on the article those are free bonus from the free part of the battle pass.
Not related to premium and only season related.
So kinda fine for me, unless they become premium indeed someday.


Yeah you earn it while playing the seson. No money needed, so… it’s fine.


In the blog post, they Clearly said you cannot unlock XP boster by buying tiers, only unlock cosmetic.

Here are the extract from the blog:

The Season Pass awards free Season Boosts. Boosts accelerate players’ progress for the duration of the Season. For example, a Season Boost might accelerate XP earned to make leveling multiple characters within a season faster. Because they affect gameplay, Season Boosts are free rewards for all players. We want to be clear that players can’t unlock Season Boosts more quickly through purchases–there is no way to unlock more boosts, or boosts at a faster pace, by spending money.

Players can purchase Tiers-but they won’t speed up getting Season Boosts. Players can’t upgrade Season Boosts just by purchasing Tiers, because they’ll also have to earn level milestones to apply them. All other Tier rewards can be unlocked instantly by purchasing Tiers. In other words, there’s no way to shortcut getting Season Boosts by buying Tiers; they must be earned.

Its another clockbait youtuber cashing in on the D4 /Bizzard bashing train .


Why the heck would any sane person want to rush to max level? These boosts are stupid.


Oh no, experience boost applies to everyone who attends to seasons and it’s free. Terrible, terrible indeed. It’s not like someone made a clickbait video about the woes that brings, right? Don’t mind me :popcorn:


Is this play session gated behind money?

I mean if you need to buy a battle pass to have access to x content and that content when played grants you do boosts

That’s P2w

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The boosts are there to help people level alternate characters quicker or help progression. Many people look forward to it because many people dislike the leveling process. That being said, I hope these boosts have to be activated to use them. This way those that don’t want to use them, don’t need to worry about it.

I’m not sure if you’re trolling or not by this comment, but clearly you didn’t read the blog. Diablo 4 is a box price game, it’s not gated behind money, the seasons aren’t gated behind money either. Expect future expansions or character classes to cost money.

They clearly state in the blog that nobody is forced or required to buy the premium season/battle pass. There is a free one that all players participating in seasonal play get access to. The premium pass is 100% optional and doesn’t offer anything extra, content wise, or boost wise, therefore not p2w.


No you have to earn it by playing that is a very clear statement.

Yeah to be fair to them they did specify there was no buying power directly full stop and no PR language to keep options open through shop or battlepass either. Sounds good, just as long as they stay careful with advantages like early access that might not be directly meant to give player power or an advantage but easily can especially if seasons also have competitive aspects. Making the season more about journey and defined by that as leaderboards can help with that as well.

Well now it has been writen, and if they are not true to their words, we have something to shove into their face.

True, but will we be happier about that? I rather they keep their word and realise all the intentions they set forward as having a good reason for a flame post. :stuck_out_tongue: Even if that last can be a good way to destress.

Wonder if you can trade them to stupid people that would be cool.

i think you meant “playing” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m 100% ok with early access to the highest tier game package as they clearly state that seasonal play is not starting right at launch. That’s never been a p2w feature IMHO, that’s always been a privilege given to those who choose to support the game on that scale.

I’m not too sure how I feel about that side of the die just yet, will need to see just how the boosts work, in order to give an honest opinion.

:poop: yes. Thanks. I’ll edit it. :laughing:

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Yeah i hope we don’t need to get to that point.

Thing though in a survey that was linked to highest battle pass for season, not to collectors edition if I remember right. Even in collectors edition it would or could be an advantage unless you treat it as a PTR/ stress test and reset everything on start of game for all, though likely people would have less problems with it as start of seasons a week early if much competition is intended in endgame.

If Diablo 4 seasons have any achievements and/or records that requires a player to reach or achieve something first in the server for a season (similar to Diablo 3 that has some of those), then allowing for early access to a season may indeed add some p2w elements to it, especially if rewards are tied into said achievements or feats. So it’d probably be better not to do early access based on purchase.