Diablo 4 Scares Me

I just watched the live-stream, and the mention of “There will be cosmetic skin purchases available in the store” just made me…reconsider buying this game.

Not the paid “Premium Battle Pass”, since I already technically do that playing WoW.

Not the once-again lack of offline play.

Not the “Suggested Specs” of putting it on a SSD. (Dead Space and more newer titles are doing it; I don’t see why aside from typical SSD benefits)

Simply put, all Diablo IV is feeling like, is an HD Immortal with proper Keyboad controls/playstyle and on Consoles.

I don’t want “Diablo Immortal II HD”, I don’t care about how Blizzard employees are to be paid, micro-transactions are not needed for what’s supposed to be a staple, mainline series.

Remember the Diablo III real money Auction House?

If all the store is for is “cosmetics and skins”, then we all may as well play Path of Exile.