Diablo 4 needs to be more like Diablo 2. Open PvP, Trading, Character stats and permanence

I am a Diablo 2 veteran and have much to say about Diablo 4’s success and longevity. I see that the cartoonish and colorful Diablo 3 and it’s WoW design, has been corrected in D4. A big let down of D3 was that, D4 should allow for players to permanently add Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Energy, as building a character is personal and thought invoking process.

  1. Character Builds - If I want to create a heavy hitting damage barbarian, then let me, but this is a permanent stat! If i want to max out vitality and make a super high health point barbarian tank, then I will. This will also make your character more valued, than being able to change stats on a whim.

  2. Itemization- the huge number inflation from Diablo 3, please don’t bring that back. Seeing ridiculous numbers like 235,348 damage per WW hit et. Bring back RnG style damage, where a level 1 weapon is 2-8 damage, and high level sword items ranging like 124-151. Diablo 1 and 2 players know what this means. Put away damage inflation, it makes it better especially when you enchant an item and get +15 damage, it just makes for a better game.

  3. Open PvP - Allow an area outside of act 1 town, for players to congregate and battle each other, with a hostiling option, like Diablo 2. This will also keep players on their toes and increase realistic threat, as players can hostile you in game, and either you prepare for a possible combat or go to town for safety. PvP keeps games longevity, as players continue to search for loot and be the best character and duelist can be, even when PvE is done. Don’t do what D3 did, making characters load up to a PVP map… Let players hunt for “ears” if they want!

  4. Trading - If we spend hours or days in finding certain items, and the game permanently binds it to your account is ridiculous. Bring back the trade window, where we can trade with fellow players. Allow for a chat room where we can advertise our item and trade it with a bidder. Don’t be a communist gaming government. I hope you guys take after item systems in Diablo 2 as well, make it feel good to find usable basic magic items, until we find our own or trade for legendary items.

Learn from Diablo 3 mistakes, and bring back Diablo 2 strong points. There’s a reason why Diablo 2 has lasted over a decade! Diablo 2 re-engineered with a new gaming engine is what people ask for.

You realize you are posting this in the “New Player Help” forum, right?

General forums were closed… I’m not sure why?

Because you don’t own D3 (at least for PC), you are limited to certain forums.

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I installed Diablo 3, thinking that I can post in general discussion afterwards, but the option for new topic is not available, new topic button is not clickable and I still cannot reply to anyone the general discussion. Any advice?

did you sign in using your account email?

Also, is it for PC? Consoles are restricted to console forums.

The following information is for PC.

If you bought a hard copy you need to register the Authentication-Key, which is found printed on a white label stuck to the CD envelope. You can register this Key on the Blizzard Launcher using the Redeem a Code button. (See image below).

If you bought a digital copy direct from Blizzard it should be registered automatically. But, as TimberWolf stated, you still need to log in to the Blizzard Launcher with the email and password you used to create your Blizzard Accout. (See image below).