Diablo 4 comunnity ideas

since diablo 4 is a long ways away I thought it would be good to ask for a few things for the community that I’d love to see like ENB compatibility an invisibility spell! and some more pvp elements that diablo 3 missed out on. since it’s open world some unique pvp rewards would keep players interested in our own little eternal conflict all over sanctuary for days at end. I honestly can’t wait to see what you guys do with the game though it looks great so far from what I’ve seen but I feel it could be a little darker to capture that horror aspect that the game deserves for sure! food for thought. hopefully some of the community sees this and adds in some ideas for you guys I know I can go on for days on this subject.

EDIT: Some bosses with mechanics would be cool too, not saying go the whole tank and healer kind of route even though that would be interesting too but with support builds already that doesn’t seem likely but I suggest making the boss fights a challenge instead of the regular hack and smash that diablo 3 feels like once you’re in max level builds. nothing too crazy but a challenge none the less! thinking about diablo 2, seeing some monsters with resistances as well would bring back to the game some of the harder aspects of builds that shine in certain areas of the game and are almost needed to make it through the encounter otherwise you should run away or you will die. flavor for hardcore I think. or maybe just a little easter egg for those Invisible Charged Bolts of Doom! Monsters with buffs absorbs and/or heals would be nice to have scattered amongst the crowds too, to make it that much more eventful haha I hope that you take in some of the ideas here as it could really help you guys out with developing diablo 4! cheers c: