Diablo 4 can't have ANY microtransactions

Why are there microtransactions included for a game we’re paying FULL PREMIUM PRICE for? Why not just include that microtransaction content in the game? For example, kill diablo 1000x on the hardest difficulty and get a cool visual effect or something, instead of paying $5.00.



Because making games and being a large business is expensive.


Because Actiblizz burns through millions of dollars a day just on payroll.


Diablo 4 can’t have ANY microtransactions

But it well, next.

D4 is vastly different than D3. D3 wasn’t sold as a live service with regular updates ever so often. D4 is being sold that way. Look at the MTX store, hopefully it won’t have pay to win, as an optional sub. A way for some players to show their support for D4 by spending a little bit more money if they want to.

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I’d rather just have a clean game like current D3 or D2, but I recognize this is an area where compromise is going to be required. While I don’t like the idea of a cash stop for cosmetics because a cool looking character should be earned through gameplay, I’m willing to settle for it so long as there’s no pay to win.

But I would bet a large amount of money that there still will be pay to win in D4.

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If I think Diablo 4 should have microtransactions or not is largely irrelevant. It’s been confirmed that it will have cosmetic ones, and it’s exceedingly unlikely that Blizzard will change their minds just cause some of us complain about it.

If it has any sort of non-cosmetic mtx I wont be buying it, though.


I love your btag name, lol.


Companies don’t believe in making a full experience without having some sort of extra revenue stream. They have plenty of money to make a full game with plenty of chase items included, but greed is the deciding factor here. Go indie.

This is why games like Doom and Doom Eternal become legendary games. They gave you more than the asking price. Them making some extra money on skins is not even an issue. Customers were satisfied and were happy to throw some extra money at id. I’m so glad I can continue to love id Software.


thats how companys make money these days welcome to reality

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It should have the same types of mtx that PoE has. Why? Because it’s a fully, continually evolving live service.

A popular live service game costs millions a year to keep online. Plus it costs millions a year to keep developing content.
Don’t be cheap. This is 2022 and this is an online game.


I think MTX Cosmetics should be equal or slightly cooler than mid game item aesthetics.

Or they can be unique simple/clean outfits, No auras or special unique effects.

I really dislike when the coolest end game sets look on par with or WORSE than MTX skins.

The most badass looking gear should ALWAYS be from end game sources and not from a shop for money.

Its the same thing for me as seeing someone in Lost Ark with a +20/+25 weapon.
It isnt “WOW CHECK THAT GUY OUT” Its “Oh he probably/could have paid to look like that”

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If games like Fortnite have showed us anything, it is that new generations of players are more than willing to spend money on microtransactions. Also, that gaming companies have realized children are the target audience. Parents will pay tons of money so their kids can have “sweaty” skins and be “cool” in Fortnite. So for example, based on the talks I have had with parents of my kid’s friends, on average per year they spend $200-400 on Fortnite… which is a free game by the way… :)… ironic right? So I can see all companies doing this in the future. Get kids hooked up and make them pay. Because let’s be real, they will not get that money from old farts like me. Take Diablo Immortal for example, people have already spent over $300 on this “free” game… pay to play. Let’s face it, one time pay for a game is dying. I just hope they will not make Diablo IV pay to win… I don’t mind monthly subscription, but will never play a game with microtransactions.

Cosmetic or small QoL microtransactions to support further content and feature development is fine.

Microtransactions that allow you to bypass 10 years of daily grinding like Diablo Immoral has are not fine.


100% disagree. I will no longer support any sort of microtransactions in games i will purchase in the future. Expansions are fine. Subscriptions are fine.


Alpha af

“Live service” is not an excuse. Players pay for expansions and consider that a fair deal. They see the total price and know what they are getting. I want to buy games, not shops disguised as games.


Shaming language and calling potential customers cheap does not see products. PoE is entirely “free to try” game, and it relies on a different business model than full priced games.

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Blizz doesn’t answer to us. They answer to investors. When a game just has the selling price model, it will have a huge spike the quarter it releases, then drop off dramatically. Unless they have dlc/xpacs released every 3 months(which isn’t going to happen), there is going to be this dip. Cosmetic MTX crap can fill this gap and even out their revenue.

Personally, I do not need the pink mohawk and tutu for my barbarian. If someone does and wants to pony up the $5, good for them. As long as they keep the P2W crap out of the game, I really do not care what they sell.

A good compromise for the cosmetic crap would be to make it earnable in game like the cosmic wings, but also have the option of purchasing it.


Has WoW been a free to play game with subscriptions. No, instead you had to buy the game plus expansions. The sub (microtransactions D4) cover for the new content added to the game whether it is WoW or D4.

MMOs like WoW have been buy to play games with subscriptions. The subscription covers the cost of making content on a regular basis between expansions. Otherwise WoW wouldn’t have anything new between expansions at all.