Diablo 4 - camera perspective

While playing Diablo 2 Resurrected, I noticed that the camera perspective was significantly different from Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 beta.
In Diablo 2, all the lines of buildings, trees, all the perspective, all the lines are straight. It is easy to see it for example in city buildings where walls are straight lines from top to bottom.
In Diablo 3, however, we have the effect of a camera with wide angle lens. All lines converge at the bottom of the screen.
Personally I like Diablo 2 Resurrected camera better, it looks like a picture taken from far away with zoom lens.
Maybe it is worth to think about a possibility to change camera perspective in Diablo 4, from wide angle to the one we have in D2R?


This is one of my gripes with the D4 footage actually (as well as PoE’s), the camera is way too top-down. I like to see my character’s chest and legs, not just the top of his/her head, shoulders and feet. Are we playing Loaded now? …I get why they do this (because pvp balance : with D2’s & D3’s camera, people at the south can see those to the north in the distance, whereas those to the north can’t see those south) but it’s not visually pleasing to me. At all. I don’t care about PVP, I’m a PVM player. Give me back the camera angle that makes the game look better.


Zoom in and out problem solved. Next.

First person or nothing.

D4: Goldeneye.

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Thankfully it will not be. :face_vomiting: “So Diablo IV is a Classic Isometric ARPG.” :joy:

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Maybe, depending on the technology Bl :lizard: has in use, wire-frames and texture files they could give users a small adjustment window. Not to break the isometric view, just let folks tailor it in a small way to suit their preferences.

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That because D2 is using isometric perspective. The world isn’t 3D, at least the environnements, it’s prerendered. In other words it’s 2D, flat, which is how games like D2 were made before 3D.

It’s unusual to hear a praise of this method over 3D, the latter being much more realistic. Unless it’s the artistic style you actually like ?

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:point_up_2: Funny coming from you. :dizzy: