Diablo 3 Switch Couch Co-Op - how to setup?

hi there,

having a LOT of trouble just starting a local couch co-op game 2 players on Nintendo Switch (that saves BOTH players progress), Diablo 3 Eternal Collection. I solved this once months ago, but can’t remember how, and now I’m trying to couch co-op with another friend at their house and we have spent HOURS messing around on forums/and settings trying to make this work and I’m pretty much begging for help from some official support. I’m a professional video producer and I’ll even make a free video tutorial and post it online to explain how to do this for others if you just explain to me a foolproof way to make this work consistently.

We just cannot get it to let player 2 join locally and have their progress saved. The other profiles are greyed out on the switch when player 2 tries to join and it forces them to join as guest with no saving their progression.

We tried creating a Nintendo account for the second profile and linked it - no dice
I added that second profiles Nintendo account to my Nintendo Online family plan - not sure if that worked because we gave up and just played without saving.

On the page where it denies us, it gives a link to a support page that doesn’t exist. So pretty please, from people who are throwing money at multiple copies of your game - tell us how to just have a simple couch co-op experience where we can save our progress.


Hi ! Had the same problem - make sure that switch is your primary switch (I had sold my first and bought another one 1year later… my first switch was still as my primary device and I could not start the game with any other accounts on my „secondary“ switch and that’s the reason why I couldn’t select a another account for a guest

Same problem here. My daughter and I are playing and trying to join my girlfriend and her daughter and it will NOT let us join. It just keeps saying “there was a problem joining the game.”

Tried the same thing as the first poster and the second poster, both with NO success.

I had the same problem. I fixed it by making the first player the handheld switch then i took off the red and blue controllers connected them both joined and changed the second player to a controller and then the first player to my other controller and it worked.

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Thanks for the tips everyone! I was also having the same issues. Setting my switch as my main is what finally fixed it. I also changed to the local network for good measure. I don’t have a monthly subscription.

Holy I cant thank enough, it was the dumb primary console thing.