Havent played for more then a year and came back to haw some fun, and I was met with the Error that doesnt alow you to connect, I think its 300016 or something, got that crap fixed and it should be all good, but noooo theres more.
Game server is laging or even the game it self is crashing, it wasnt hapening before but now it is for some reason. HC is imposible to play cuz you die every time it hapens, already lost good builds, and every time I start hawing fun with the build game just fks you with a 10 sec lag or a crash and YOU DIE.

I understand if you die cuz youmake a mistake but like this is messed up.
Dont know what Activision did to Blizzard but D3 is in ready bad state right now !!!

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Sorry for your loss, but it seems to be fine today.
Even uploaded a video of myself playing in Torment 16:
S21 Whirlwind Barbarian T16 Speed HC

Good luck to those wanting double rewards from Bounties (Caches).

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You may need to check your connection and send a WINMTR report to Tech Support forum.

Nothing major on my side. Just error 1016 but nothing can be done about that. Just when i get the error, i teleport to town and then press OK.
Guess only your connection have such major issues.

I’m sorry this is happening to you. Others have been saying these things have had similar issues.

I’ve managed to hit GR70 on my hardcore necromancer this morning. Haven’t died yet. Things I do to make sure I’m not at risk while playing in hardcore mode:

  • Nothing streaming in the background on my machine
  • I have plenty of bandwidth (i.e., the wife isn’t doing GIS through her work VPN)
  • No resource-intensive programs running in the background
  • My machine and anything that’s running is updated and will not interrupt the gameplay

Doing these things seems to keep my lag at a minimum. I’ve never lost a toon in hardcore mode.

Agree. It is unplayable.
It seems to be a problem related to NVIDIA and not related to ISP.
What kills you is the following:
2020.11.25 22:08:07.146052300 FMOD Error during ‘FMOD_Channel_SetPosition’: An invalid seek position was passed to this function. [From D3Debug.txt]
So any advice about your connectivity or ISP may not apply to the game stopping for 10 seconds.
I’ve thought several times that I had it gone. No.

  1. enabling sound didn’t do it.
  2. updating everything didn’t fix it.
  3. disabling music and other settings in NVidia control panel didn’t fix it.

Mad hate at Blizzard right now. I’ve lost 4 characters. NONE of them were due to my actions. All of them were due to the service provided by Blizzard.