Diablo 3 Enchant Missing

I do believe this to be a mistake with Myriam inside the enchant tab.
When i have normal ‘The Crudest Boots’ i am able to pick the option to choose ‘resistance to all elements’. However when trying to do so with the Ancient version the ‘resistance to all elements’ option is not given and rerolling it doesn’t make it come up, so it’s definitely not there. If this is normal then i don’t understand the logic behind it, if it is a minor bug then… ur welcome… :slight_smile: .

Here is an ancient boots which did not have all resists so I took it to Myriam and rolled the all resists onto it fine. I also had 2 sets of normal boots which had all resists as well…

The issue you have is because your ancient boots have a resistance secondary stat. The regular legendary pair do not, which allowed you to roll All Resist as a primary stat.


You cannot have both Resist All primary and Resist [element] (fire, ice, etc) secondary. It’s one or the other. Not both.